Do All Outdoors Shoulder Harness Deer Pull

Do-All Outdoors Shoulder Harness Deer Pull SHD45 takes almost all the strain out of hauling your fresh trophy back to your car or campsite. This hunting accessory straps to your chest and waist, evenly distributing the load of the deer to the areas that can take it the most. Pull a deer hands-free over rugged terrain, both uphill and down, without worrying about the rope breaking or the harness snapping. The Do-All Shoulder Harness Deer Pull is fully adjustable for any size hunter, and makes hauling a deer all by yourself a much easier activity. Do All Outdoors has increased the strength of the harness by making it a double harness, strong enough to stand up to the weight of even the heaviest kill. Reduce strain, free your hands, and pull your prize home with ease using the Do-All Outdoors Shoulder Harness Pull.

94 /100
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  • Performance


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Features of Do All Deer Pull Harness:

  • Double shoulder harness secures to chest and waist
  • Exponentially increases pulling power
  • Reduces strain to back and arms
  • Hands-free pulling
  • Fully adjustable

1-Do All Outdoors Shoulder Harness Deer Pull

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