VG6 Precision Gamma 556 EX

Price Save 20% from $79.99 to $63.79

This VG6 Precision Gamma 556 EX is a hybrid device that will improve your shot performance thanks to its state-of-the-art engineering. VG6 Precision CNC machined these Muzzle Brakes & Compensators from 17-4ph heat-treated stainless steel for maximum durability, and the black nitride satin finish ensures maximum resistance against corrosion and wear. The VG6 AR15 Precision Gamma 556EX practically eliminates recoil and reduces muzzle movement to boost your accuracy while allowing you to take quicker follow-up shots. If your barrel is between 10.5in and 18.5in, equip a VG6 Precision Gamma 556EX Muzzle Brake to improve your aim and shot control.

93 /100
  • Design


  • Performance


  • Value for money


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Specifications for VG6 Precision Gamma 556 EX:

Color: Anodized Black
Finish: Black Nitride
Gun Model: AR-15
Length: 2.21 in
Weight: 2.8 oz

Features of VG6 Precision Gamma 556 EX:

  • Designed for 14.5in barrels to make 16.1in overall length with pinning
  • Optimized for 10.5in to 18.5in barrel lengths
  • Virtually eliminates recoil and minimizes muzzle movement

1-VG6 Precision Gamma 556 EX
2-VG6 Precision Gamma 556 EX
3-VG6 Precision Gamma 556 EX
4-VG6 Precision Gamma 556 EX
5-VG6 Precision Gamma 556 EX
6-VG6 Precision Gamma 556 EX
7-VG6 Precision Gamma 556 EX
8-VG6 Precision Gamma 556 EX
9-VG6 Precision Gamma 556 EX
10-VG6 Precision Gamma 556 EX

  • PROS
  • Works well for great price
  • Makes my muzzle go down and not up. Reduces recoil
  • Muzzle Rise was minimal
  • Keeps weapon on target
  • CONS
  • Extremely loud with side concussion
  • could use a witness line for alignment
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Grover - Add Reply

Bought this for my AR15 build which had a Flashcan on it from the local shop. This thing has a little bit of a fireball when you shoot but there is so much recoil reduction you will just NOT CARE. This thing looks good, works better then anything Ive used and went right on with no problem.

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Korbin - Add Reply

I bought this to go on my 10.5 in SBR . The EX version has about an extra inch of length . I was concerned about muzzle flash . Works great . This is my second VG6 . I have an Epsilon too . Both greatly reduce muzzle flip , recoil is not an issue . The Epsilon has a better flash suppressor . The Gamma is better at taming muzzle rise . Couldn’t believe how well these work . 2/3 reduction in flip . This is one of those products that actually improves your shooting .

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Frederik - Add Reply

this is an excellent choice for any build where you are using a 14.5 inch length barrel. this puts you right at 16.1 inches and when pinned and welded its legal and looks and functions awesome. if you're doing a pseudo sbr then this is for you.

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Vaughn - Add Reply

I got the 1/2x28 thread and it screwed right on my ar556 with no trouble. I used a crush washer and everything went on smoothly. Performance is exactly what i was hoping for! It has no muzzle climb what so ever. The gamma makes my muzzle go down and it makes it easier to center back up on the target. It didnt make my gun any louder just reduced recoil and muzzle climb to hardly none. Great product for the money!

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Philip - Add Reply

Installed beautifully on my 58x series Ruger Mini-14 Tactical. Solid product and such a huge improvement over the stock birdcage. I went with the EX solely because it was in stock. Either would be a good option IMO.

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Walter - Add Reply

VG6 brakes perform as good as they look; I use them whenever possible. Most brakes and comps do their jobs, but VG6 does so just a little better than most others. This model is rated for 223, 556, and 224 Valkyrie (which is what I bought this one for). I've even seen high end rifle makers (Falkor) use VG6 on their own factory products. Git you one!

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Derek - Add Reply

Works great on my 14.5” build. Gets me to the legal OAL, while controlling recoil and muzzle drift effectively. Report is loud, but that is to be expected on a shorter barrel. I’ve used this in 3 gun matches with great effectiveness.

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Ellsworth - Add Reply

Perfect for my pinned 14.5 barrel. This thing is loud but there’s zero climb on your shots. Perfect for rapid fire. Definitely getting this from no on all of my AR builds. Recommending this to all my fellow shooters.

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Wilton - Add Reply

Outstanding product.. Works like a dream, even for the crack of a 5.56. It looks so well on the front, almost like is was designed with the rifle. I'm not one to believe the hype, but I do with this. I will buy another for my sons AR

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Gregg - Add Reply

Great muzzle brake worked perfect on my S&W M&P Sport 2, and was still able to get it shipped to california. Thats something i was worried about with all these new laws.The shipping took quite a bit, i waited about a month but i guess its worth the wait.

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Stan - Add Reply

Great Muzzle Brake Compensator Hybrid. I am using this brake for my 3 gun AR15 and it helps keep the weapon on target with minimum climb or felt recoil. Follow-up shots are faster and cleaner with this muzzle device. I used this with a 14.5" barrel to bring it to the 16" legal limit, works great, looks good, and does what it intended to do.

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Joel - Add Reply

With almost 64% felt recoil reduction, the brake works! I have the VG6 on 5 ARs and would not hesitate to order another when the next upper is ready to go. You can also add a "cage" to use in close quarters to lower felt blast on each side. The price is competitive and I don't believe more expensive brakes can compare when it comes to price vs performance.

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Jerry - Add Reply

I like these muzzle brakes. I have the 7.62 on my ar 10 as well and it does wonders for muzzle rise and recoil mitigation, also at an affordable price point. Like all muzzle brakes the concussion is pretty intense for a squad/group situation. The only reason to buy a surefire over this would be to run one of their suppressors. If you're not running one save the money and grab this.

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