ODIN Works ATLAS Compensator

Price Save Up to 11% from $99 to $94.05
95 /100
  • Design


  • Performance


  • Value for money


  • Feature


  • PROS
  • Ease Of Use
  • good workmanship
  • easy to install
  • Easy to right or left time
  • Great looking device
  • Able to tune to your rifle
  • Easy to install
  • reduced felt recoil
  • Reduced muzzle rise
  • Better in every way
  • High quality
  • Great fit
  • No crush washers needed.
  • Adjustable with an Allen key
  • Readjust for different ammo!
  • Faily priced!
  • Available in 3 sizes
  • Back blast is moderate to mild.
  • Looks good
  • Work as advertised
  • Shipped and delivered as expected
  • Price and install ease
  • Looks great
  • low weight
  • Does what it was designed for
  • CONS
  • Tools required
  • Good but not great
  • Average value
  • Above average performance
  • Average recoil reduction
  • Noticable louder on short lenght barrels
  • A bit louder
  • Can have objectionible side blast.
  • Will require some Loc Tite
  • It's not flat black, or tan.
  • price is a little steep
#ODIN Works

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Waino - Add Reply

The compensator is a great buy. It is simple to time, and looks great on the end of a solid black rifle. The materials used are of great quality. I installed this on a semi auto 7.62 FNAR, and the recoil was noticibly better. The only downside is, it’s just another piece that has tools that you have to label and keep up with.

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Tommie - Add Reply

I put this Odin Atlas 5 muzzle break on a PSA 5.56mm 24 inch barrel. It is sweet. I don't get any rise no matter what weight bullet I shoot and the recoil is all but gone. All I feel is the BCG and the buffer/spring. Followup shots are fast and very easy with this thing attached.

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Jeffery - Add Reply

Takes almost all the recoil out of the ar15 you can maintain your eye on target and keep shooting. I little noisy, so make sure you keep your earplugs at all times. No instructions within the box but online you could find the right way of mounting the piece. I did not have to make any corrections. It looks great on the rifle

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Sheldon - Add Reply

Very easy to install the ODIN 556mm for a tune-able device. Performance is on par with the VG6 Precision Epsilon muzzle device. However, the Strike Industries J Comp performs better - greater decrease in muzzle rise ,least horizontal movement (neutrally timed) and greatest reduction in recoil - for both 10.5 inch (carbine length gas port) and 16 inch (mid length gas port) AR length barrels. The J Comp is the quickest on follow up shots especially on a 10.5 inch barrel for a device that is half the price.

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Josue - Add Reply

Works well at limiting the muzzle jump I was having. Best part of this product is the ability to tune it to the recoil of your rifle. Once I made a few adjustments I was able to rid a large percentage of muzzle rise from my rifle. Great product.

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Vladimir - Add Reply

works as advertised really cuts down on the muzzle rise for fast follow up shots. you don't want to be on the side of the muzzle when this thing goes off lots of blast wave but for the shooter it's great! simple easy install love not dealing with a crush washer and timing this device, didn't even need to adjust after the initial install, however some of you may but so simple you couldn't ask for anything more.

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Jonas - Add Reply

I bought this for my new 6.5 Grendel pistol build. It was very easy to install. There's literally no recoil or muzzle rise with this installed. Overall, this is a great compensator and I would probably be buying another for my rifle build in the near future.

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Geovanny - Add Reply

Received this brake about 3weeks ago. Fit and finish was superb. Easy to install only three pieces. Installed it on a Ruger precision rifle in 308. Really cot down on muzzle rise and recoil. They say it is very loud but did not experience any louder than without the brake. Ordered it from optics planet. Fast shipping and easy to deal with. Would highly recommend this brake. Good price for this brake.

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Isaac - Add Reply

the compensator arrived one day early, shipping and buying experience was awesome. I had the tanker style muzzle brake on the end of my Barrel, but the blast was almost unbearable that's how loud it was. I was deciding between the atlas and the vg6 I'm glad I went with the atlas. overall experience was awesome and I highly recommend this product. thank you opticsplanet

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Carleton - Add Reply

Excellent product that works flawless and really looks cool!!! But just a word of advice... it will make your gun louder... but who cared. I love it and couldn’t be happier. Very easy to install too

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Peter - Add Reply

This is a new product from Odin Works but is one of their best to date. High quality and works flawlessly. Really helps reduce muzzle rise. Simple to install after watching a YouTube video. I highly recommend it.

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Brant - Add Reply

Excellent product at a great price. Definitely assists in shooting flatter. Easy to install and performs as promised. Can’t say enough about Odin works products. Purchased this during Christmas sale and shipping was fast even with the holiday time period.

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Chad - Add Reply

Recently purchased the odin atlas 6 muzzle brake for my odin 20” 6.5 grendel. Very easy install and setup. Definitely has a noticeable reduction in recoil. Minimal to no extra noise going back to thr shooter like some muzzle brakes. I got this to introduce kids to hunting..works very well and they enjoy it. All in all, I would purchase again and will be purchasing the atlas 7 model soon for my 308. Highly recommend this product and opticsplanet pricing couldn’t be beaten.

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Willard - Add Reply

Looks great and is 100% functional. I love it, it is adjustable and easy to set. I recommend this product as it is high quality and has a great look. If your looking for great quality, look at Odin Works

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Eli - Add Reply

These are so good there are cheap Chinese knockoffs for sale on fleabay, but do NOT buy a knockoff. Get the real deal. The fact you can adjust this means you don't need crush washers which will destroy your accuracy. You don't need shims, but I'd use a shim anyway. When you ram a brake or flash hider down onto a crush washer you pre-torque the whole barrel and you also torsion tweak the muzzle too. As the barrel heats up your zero will go bye bye. When it cools down it won't be the same again either. This device helps avoid all that. The recoil reduction is north of 50% and the muzzle climb, flip and twist are mitigated nicely.

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Edward - Add Reply

Of the many compensators on the market I recommend this above any other I have used. It works as advertised, is easy to install, and looks good on top of that. I am about to buy another for my daughters rifle and look forward to watching it in action.

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Diego - Add Reply

Product came packaged well. Super easy install with no shim or crush washers needed. Looks awesome as well. Great product and highly recommended. Fast shipping as well. Thank you optics planet for the awesome service

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Dax - Add Reply

The muzzle break works great. Odin works customer service is amazing. Plan to purchase more of there products for future builds. Optics planet shipping was fast product arrived in perfect condition. Very pleased over all would recommend to any one looking for gun parts. Have already made multiple purchases.

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Milan - Add Reply

I got one for the 22LR to see how it worked and liked it so much I got one for my precision 6.5 CREEDMORE outstanding just outstanding. I would recommend this to anyone who is looking for a tunable flash hider. I honestly think you won't find a better option!

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Sherman - Add Reply

Clean really well when you get it. Lots of grit. Work great. Very nice to not have to use a crush washer. The stainless steel portion rotates to ensure proper alignment. Cool design. It is hard to keep it there however. Wants to rotate on occasions and has to be readjusted.

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