Precision Armament M11 Severe-Duty Muzzle Brake

Price Save Up to 10% from $109.99 to $104.49
94.75 /100
  • Design


  • Performance


  • Value for money


  • Feature


  • PROS
  • Awesome workmanship and machining
  • Great product and quality
  • Looks great
  • reduced felt recoil
  • Reduced muzzle rise
  • very effective at reducing recoil
  • Quality and performance
  • Recoil absorption
  • Looks AWESOME!
  • Excellent machinging
  • Significant recoil reduction
  • CONS
  • Very loud
  • Heavier than advertised
#Precision Armament

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Imani - Add Reply

bought this muzzle break for AR-10, cause of the awesome reviews it had based on professionals, I was so happy when I got it, and I don't regret buying it. the recoil is low to nothing at all. love this, all the guys at the range love this break. they ask me where I purchased it from, I told them Optics Planet & Precision Armament, was the make. thank you so much couldn't be happier, I also had purchased this and got a great deal with the spacers I needed for it. At the time I bought this, it was more expensive, but I am still thrilled with it. If your looking for a great Muzzle Break for your rifle at a great Price, this is what your looking for. you won't be disappointed. I hope this review helps you with your searches & purchases, stay safe..

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Brooks - Add Reply

I purchased the brake on second kinda cool being the reduction in recoil it showed in testing against dozens of other brakes. But the real reason is it looks awesome. After receiving the brake observed a fine level of machining. Attention to quality of detail and finish is excellent. Several of the brakes I've bought in the past didn't meet my standard so I broke out the tools and Cerkote to bring it levels up, not this one. Would definitely recommend. Randy

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Morgan - Add Reply

Looked at a lot of different breaks before deciding on the M11. Best break I've ever put on a rifle and it looks awesome too. Flawless machining job! Recoil reduction is fantastic. If you're looking for a quality break to put on your rifle look no further. You won't be disappointed. Bob-a-lou

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Jameson - Add Reply

Received my package very quickly. When I opened it and inspected the muzzle brake, the workmanship and machining was spot on. Easy install with the PA spacer kit. Instructions were clear to get the timing right.

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Dave - Add Reply

Watched review videos comparing muzzle brakes and this one "takes the cake" Does what it is designed to do, and with the recommended washer kit, installation was easy for a professional job. The price thru Optics planet was by far the best deal on the web.

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Rodrigo - Add Reply

I bought this to upgrade my Smith & Wesson M&P10 Sport. I did a lot of reading on this and other Muzzle Breaks along with watching review videos. I was concerned that it might not work well on such a short AR10 (16" barrel), and that it would have significant blowback, but I was 100% wrong! I absolutely cannot stress enough how well this works. I wish I had bought one of these sooner and saved myself some shoulder pain! My recoil has been reduced by what feels like half. Target acquisition is way snappier now that I don't have as much recoil. I feel like my accuracy has improved as well because I'm not anticipating muzzle rise. This made my AR10 feel like a AR15. The other noticeable difference is the noise. Boy is it loud! I'm talking feel it in your chest loud. But I love it. The noise isn't bad when you're shooting, and there's no blowback on you, but if you're standing around when it goes off, you can feel it in your chest. I'm lucky enough to have a private outside range available to me at a buddies house, so I don't have to worry about other people that much.

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Willy - Add Reply

I installed this brake on a Q "The Fix" rifle with a light 308 barrel. The nature of the rifle being light and the recoil pad being virtually non-existent makes it pretty uncomfortable to fire. I installed this brake and can now burn through 70 rounds in a range session without discomfort or bruising. There is very little blow-back to the shooter. Prior to shooting I pre-apologized to shooters next to me because I expected the side vented gas and noise to be brutal, but they didn't find it to be extreme. Quality is perfect. Bonus is that it looks awesome.

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Kristofer - Add Reply

I purchased this brake based on reviews of its performance as well as its appearance. Installed on an AR10. Machining is excellent and it performs as well as previous testing indicates. Mine weighs 1.5 ounces heavier than advertised. Thanks to Optics Planet for a great price (on sale) and fast shipping.

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Toney - Add Reply

Great company with great prices... customer for life. Fast shipping and great customer service. Well knowledgeable staff, great products. Will buy more in the future. Awesome finish, impeccable quality as always

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Jimmie - Add Reply

My AR 10 in .308 barely kicks on a 20” barrel. I can hold on target without a problem for rapid fire precision shooting. I can’t wait to take it out on a herd of hogs! Feels like my 15 or less which has a standard flash hider.

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Al - Add Reply

I purchased this muzzle brake to tame the recoil of a recent 300 WinMag PRS build. The brake itself is super high quality and perfect machining. These guys really pay close attention to the details. I installed it with the precision washer set, followed the simple washer instructions and it clocked perfectly on my first attempt. Once installed I admired it's beauty for a few minutes, looks great on the end of a varmint profile barrel, then immediately took it straight to my local range to test it out. I mistakenly grabbed a lane on the end with a wooden barrier to my left. I was simply amazed by it's recoil reduction performance after just one shot. Also, I was literally blown away by the tremendous amount of percussion due to the close barrier, it rattled my brain! I moved down a couple lanes and put 59 more rounds though it. AWESOME RESULTS!!! Accuracy improved significantly, follow up shots were quick as the muzzle stayed on target and I finished the day without a sore bruised shoulder! What a great system (brake + washers) from Precision Armament! I'll definitely buy another for my next build in 338LM.

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Arturo - Add Reply

High quality, appropriately priced. Works as advertised. Would like to see this item offered with the clocking washer system. Recoil reduction is significant and a good alternative when you can't run your can.

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