Champion Targets Single/Double Remote Release Systems

Champion Target Remote Release System take your shooting to the next level. Whether it's the single or double release system, this handheld remote allows shooters to expand their shooting positions and improve their skills. By getting away from the clay thrower , shotgun enthusiasts can better prepare themselves for skeet, trap, sporting clays or actual hunting situations. These Remote Systems from Champion Targets & Traps provide target release from a single trap (single remote system) or from two traps (double remote system) such as the Champion Easy Bird Automatic Traps , SST Trap and 180-Sporter Trap Throwers. Also our store caries a huge selection of Champion Target Targets and other great Champion Target products. For more Traps and Targets please visit our Targets Laser sight accessories store sections.

Available Champion Target Remote Release options:

  • 45325: Champion Target Single Remote Release
  • 45326: Champion Target Double Remote Release System

93 /100
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  • Performance


  • Value for money


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Features of Champion Target Remote System:

  • Has longer range - launch clays from up to 120 yards away
  • Has 3 button remote with on/off switch for safety
  • Easily operate 1 or 2 traps individually or simultaneously
  • Receiver easily connects trap to 12V deep cell battery
  • Receiver is adjustable to match cycle times of various automatic traps
  • Arming switch with LED light on receiver shows you its ready

1-Champion Targets Single/Double Remote Release Systems

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Gerhard - Add Reply

Works great, no more cords to trip over! Took very little time & thought to hook up. Works great from variable distances. Br sure to order single remote for Champion Double thrower. I almost ordered double release, thinking it was needed for doubles.

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Billy - Add Reply

I have been using the Champion remote release system with my easy bird doubles trap. Great for shooting from multiple locations around trap. It easy to install & simple to use at the right price. I rate this brand & product highly. thanks shaune

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Brady - Add Reply

If you have a champion thrower you have to have this remote. At 80-90 bucks its a bargin. I don't know why champion doesn't charge a bit more for their throwers and include this remote and completely do away with the irritating cord and foot switch.

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Thad - Add Reply

A noticeable delay when transmitter button is pressed before target is released by my trap machine. Pros: Easy to setup and use Cons: Receiver cables not long enough

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Nicholas - Add Reply

I used this on my wheelybird and it works awesome. Haven't pushed it for range yet, but it works great standing nearby. It was also very easy to install. A couple of heat shrink wire connectors and you are good to go.

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Arvel - Add Reply

Connected this remote to my wheelybird and it worked well. Great range allows you walk around the launcher and delay setting let you operate it alone. Remote will work multiple receivers to add launchers for doubles or crossing pairs. The connections allow you to connect the foot peddle if desired. The only thing I do not like are the power connections. The small clips pop off easily during setup. I will probably wire the to the wheelybird clips.

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Gust - Add Reply

I have for traps using two double remotes. You can not throw doubles with traps located on different remotes. Singles seem to cancel each other out and no trap is trggered Pros: Easy setup Cons: Range less than 40 yards, can not use 2 units at same time

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Oliver - Add Reply

I help take care of different sporting clays ranges.Set up was easy. Does not conflict with the Long Range Brand wireless remote that I also use. Pros: worked on serval brands of traps, easy setup Cons: none at present

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