Covert Scouting Cameras Code Black 12.0 Trail Camera

The Covert Scouting Cameras AT&T Code Black Trail Camera remains one of the most popular models in the line with its black LED's and sleek body. These Trail Cameras Game Cameras Hunting Cameras by Covert Scouting Cameras uses AT&T wireless technology and a mobile app to bring you full access to your images on your smart phone, tablet, or computer. The Covert Scouting Cameras Wireless Code Black Trail Camera has a 0.65 second trigger speed, 1-10 photo burst capability, and an impressive 100ft invisible flash range, all run on AA batteries and is compatible with up to 32gb of external storage. The Covert Scouting Cameras Web Portal Code Black Trail Camera will surely leave you impressed.

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Specifications for Covert Scouting Cameras AT&T Code Black Trail Camera, 1WC-TC-5144:

Picture Resolution: 12MP
Lens: F/NO=3.0 FOV (Field of View)=52deg
Flash Power: Full, Low
Display Screen: 2.0in LCD
Memory Card: Up to 32GB
Video Resolution: VGA, QVGA
PIR Sensor: Multi Zone
PIR Sensitivity: Adjustable (High/Normal/Low)
Trigger Time: >0.65s
Weight: Less than 1 Pound (without batteries)
Operation/Storage Temp: -20 - +60degC / -30 - +70degC
Trigger Interval: 0s - 60 min.
Time lapse: 5-55 second (in 5 second increments);1-59 minutes (in 1 minute increments);1-8 hours (in 1 hour increments);
Photo Burst: 1-10
Video Length: 1-60s
Power Supply: 4AA, 8AA or 12AA
Stand-by Current:
Dimensions: 5.6 x 4.75 x 3in
Operation Humidity: 5% - 90%
Security Authentication: FCC, CE, RoHS, AT&T

1-Covert Scouting Cameras Code Black 12.0 Trail Camera

  • PROS
  • instantly view pics
  • CONS
  • short battery life
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Fabian - Add Reply

Camera takes clear pictures. Seems like it should be taking more pictures than it is tho. I plan on putting out a second camera to compare. Everything goes through an app now and does not have a setting to be text directly to your phone. Only downside about that is that it only uploads pictures to the app to view and not video. You have to pull the sd card to view the videos which kind of defeats the purpose of a cellular camera in my opinion. Hope they will make an over the air update to fix that in the future.

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Ervin - Add Reply

I like the ability to get pictures sent instantly to my phone. I had to clear all the weeds from in front of the camera because I think the camera was focusing on them causing blurry pics. The only real complaint I have is the battery life. 12 AA batteries were used up in 2 weeks. I am going to install the rechargeable batteries with a solar panel to solve the problem.

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