Cuddeback Seen Trail Camera - 5MP, IR, HD

The Cuddeback Seen Infrared HD Trail Camera - 5MP 1217 has been created to be the ideal way to track and scout locations. This Scouting Camera from Cuddeback has an amazing trigger speed of 1/2 a second or less, making it the ideal camera for any hunter or nature enthusiast. The high power LEDs on the Cuddeback 5 Mega Pixel Seen Trail Camera allows it to use fewer diodes to achieve brighter light with the same usage of power. This Cuddeback Camera has a native / actual 5 mega pixel count that will increase the calrity of your shots. The Battery Squeeze Technology on the Cuddeback Seen HD Trail Camera rings every drop of life out of the batteries before shutting down.

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Specifications for Cuddeback Seen IR Trail Hunting Camera:

Trigger Speed: 1/2 sec. or less
Technology: IR
Flash Range (estimated): 40 feet
Batteries: 8 AA
Battery Life: More than 1,000 images or up to 6 months
Battery Squeeze: Yes
Camera: 5 MP
Video Plus™ (image): HD/day & night
Video Length: 10, 20, 30 seconds
Delay Settings: 5 sec. to 3 min. plus FAP*
Time Lapse: Yes
Motion Sense: Zone Control
SD Card: Up to 32 GB
Internal Memory: 120 MB
SmartColor Image: Yes/day only
USB Support: No

Features of Cuddeback Seen HD Scouting Camera - 5MP:

  • 5 Native / Actual Mega Pixels Sensors
  • Battery Squeeze
  • High Quality LED Screen
  • 1/2 Second Trigger Speed
  • High Definition

1-Cuddeback Seen Trail Camera - 5MP, IR, HD

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