Daniel Defense AR-15 Lower Receiver Parts Kit, Semi-Auto

Complete lower kit Mil Spec. All parts to complete a lower. Includes A2 pistol grip, Magpul trigger guard, AR15 pivot pin, bolt catch plunger, spring etc. Hammer, trigger, safety and all the pins, springs to complete a stripped lower. Lower not included.

93.75 /100
  • Design


  • Performance


  • Value for money


  • Feature


1-Daniel Defense AR-15 Lower Receiver Parts Kit, Semi-Auto

  • PROS
  • feels solid
  • Good trigger
  • Nice grip
  • Well known company
  • Daniel defense reliability and quality
  • quality material
  • Fair price
  • easy installation and quality
  • Daniel defense quality
  • Top quality at great price
  • CONS
  • If there is one, it would be the price
  • Not cheap, but you get what you pay for.
  • Took about 3 weeks to get it
  • Delayed Shipping
#Daniel Defense

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Clair - Add Reply

This is the best feeling lower parts kit that I have used. Trigger feels smooth. I didn’t even have to change grips, which I have always done with mil-spec parts kits. Definitely worth the extra money as compared to other lower parts kits.

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Stephan - Add Reply

All the bits you need for an AR lower. As titled, it does not come "as pictured" The safety selector is the same ambidextrous design as is found on Daniel Defense rifles and the pistol grip is like is found on their rifles EXCEPT it lacks the built in trigger guard (this has been substituted with a Magpul trigger guard). The trigger is only a mil-spec, but I'm a fan of it. The reset was a little gritty but with a few hundred cycling's it smoothed out a lot. Straight from the install break was as crisp and clean, and weight as light as you could ever hope for in a mil-spec trigger.

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Dorian - Add Reply

Very nice product. Everything fits great and a appears to be of super high quality. The name Daniel Defense speaks for itself. You pay a little more for the name but you know you can always count on the quality.

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Brando - Add Reply

Quality, quality, quality, when you buy daniel defense you expect it and this fits the bill everything fits like its supposed too and does. This was my first ar build and had zero issues with this product and comes with everying listed to

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Antwan - Add Reply

If you’re looking to build, but not skimp on the quality, then this parts kit is for you. Fit and finish is great. No problems. Ambidextrous safety selector with a large and small size. IMPORTANT: the picture depicts a kit with a standard AR pistol grip. However the kit comes with the Daniel defense pistol grip W/O the integrated trigger guard. Awesome pistol grip with great texture. Magpul trigger guard included. In short: don’t hesitate.

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Ismael - Add Reply

This product is very good quality but it took about 3 weeks to get it. I would definitely recommend that you buy this because the pistol grip is very comfortable and all the components seem to be made of quality materials. OpticsPlanet is very good at getting you the best prices that I have found.

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Toney - Add Reply

Easy installation and if your not gonna spend the money on a drop in trigger this is they way to go! Everything fits well is of great durable construction . Daniel defense had its reputation of being one of the best for a reason!

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Kevon - Add Reply

I received my lower parts kit within 8 days. Granted I am in Alaska, and I did request 3 day shipping, I was a little disappointed that 3 day shipping did not happen. I still received my order in full and the price was reasonable. Optics-Planet did offer to refund my $10.45 shipping fee, but I am a nice guy and declined their offer as shipping was not that critical, I still need to order the upper parts kits, buffer tube and etc. I paid the shipping fees anyways. Overall, ordering was easy.

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Keenan - Add Reply

This is the best LPK for a reasonable price. Smooth trigger, quality parts. You can't go wrong with a Daniel Defense Lower Parts Kit. Get them while they're still available. Daniel Defense has discontinued.

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Joshua - Add Reply

I always use Daniel Defense parts for my lower builds. They are top quality mil spec parts that fit and function flawlessly. I highly recommend them for anyone building their own AR lower. Optics Planet offers a great selection of Daniel Defense products at very competitive prices.

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