FM Products Foxtrot Mike Premium Rifle Builders Kit, 16in, FM9

Convert your stripped small frame 9mm Glock-style lower receiver into an advanced firearm with astounding capabilities by using this FM Products Premium 16in Rifle Builders Kit. These AR15 Lower Parts developed by the experts at FM Products create a reliable weapon with enhanced accuracy and a variety of useful features including an FM9 muzzle brake that reduces muzzle rise and recoil for fine-tuned precision. Plus, these brakes are California-compliant, ensuring our West Coast friends don't miss out on this opportunity. A 6.4-ounce heavy buffer also helps you control recoil while ensuring your new rifle cycles properly every time. This FM Products OP Exclusive Premium 16in Rifle Builders Kit includes a monolithic-style upper receiver that's built tough with a Type III hard anodizing for maximum resistance to corrosion, and it guarantees the barrel nut won't come loose during intense use, all while remaining at the lightest weight possible. With this kit, you can customize your gun to make it feel like it's truly yours. The slim and sturdy 15in M-LOK handguard provides all the benefits of a free-floating barrel while also providing plenty of rail space to mount your favorite optics, laser, lights and other advantageous accessories. You can only grab an FM Products OpticsPlanet Exclusive 16in FM9 PCC Rifle Build Kit right here so stop hesitating and start crafting a firearm you can trust in any hunting, tactical or competitive scenario.

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Features of FM Products Foxtrot Mike Premium 16in Rifle Builders Kit:

  • FM 9 16in Upper Receiver:
  • Traditional M4 charging handle has been replaced with an ambidextrous, non reciprocating forward charging handle
  • Monolithic Style Upper Receiver:
  • Coated in Type 3 Hard Anodizing
  • Proprietary interlock between the upper and handguard
  • Guarantees the barrel nut can never come loose with hard use
  • Reduces weight and feels great
  • Ultra Slim 15in M-LOK Handguard:
  • Proprietary barrel nut is machined from steel
  • The free floated rail is machined from durable 6061-T6 aluminum and mounts to the barrel nut with eight high strength stainless steel screws
  • Seven rows of M-LOK slots and a full-length Picatinny rail up top
  • FM-9 9mm 16in Ultra Light Barrel:
  • Precision-machined from high-grade, 41V50 chrome-molyvanadium steel alloy
  • Button-rifled
  • Built with integrated feed ramps
  • 1-10 twist
  • Made from Premium 41V50 Match Grade barrel blanks
  • Premium FM9 Glock Style Bolt Carrier Group:
  • 1-piece design
  • Compatible with all Glock Style 9MM Pistol Caliber AR builds
  • Carrier machined from pre-hardened Premium 4340 Steel
  • Comes with a removable weight
  • S7 Extractor, a Premium 17-4 SS Firing Pin coated in Nickel Boron, and a 17-4 SS M67 Firing Pin Retainer
  • FM9 Muzzle Brake:
  • California Compliant
  • Reduces muzzle rise and recoil
  • FM Mils Spec GI Trigger:
  • Salt Bath Nitride
  • 6.4oz. Heavy Buffer:
  • Ensures reliable cycling
  • Requires no spacer and helps prevent bolt catch breakage
  • Coated in Salt Bath Nitride

1-FM Products Foxtrot Mike Premium Rifle Builders Kit, 16in, FM9
2-FM Products Foxtrot Mike Premium Rifle Builders Kit, 16in, FM9
3-FM Products Foxtrot Mike Premium Rifle Builders Kit, 16in, FM9

  • PROS
  • Everything needed to build a functional rifle except for your stripped lower.
  • Really light weight.
  • Performed flawlessly after lubed correctly.
  • CONS
  • Parts kit is low quality
  • Trigger and buttstock are functional, but will definitely be getting replaced.
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Pablo - Add Reply

The upper is nice. The side charge is awesome. Took a little TLC and a bit of oil to get it to function properly at first, but after a few rounds all is well. The rest of the parts are average. The trigger has a lot of creep, but does have a crisp break and a positive break. The buttstock is just cheap. I paired this upper with a lower from Thunder Tactical and the match is just about perfect. I found some 33 round knock off Glock magazines somewhere online. I only had one mis-feed in 400 rounds of the cheapest ammo I could find. The mis-feed was was the second round of the first magazine of the test. All went smoothly afterward.

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Chase - Add Reply

1st Customer Service is great. 2nd Great deals and discounts. 3rd the upper fit and functioned awesome with my Spikes AR9 Lower. I can't wait to build a 10.5 pistol AR9. Highly recommend to anyone looking in AR9 direction.

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