Vism AR Blastar Thumbhole

Price Save 25% from $43.99 to $32.99

AR thumbhole stock for MIL-SPEC carbine buffer tube.

91.5 /100
  • Design


  • Performance


  • Value for money


  • Feature


Specifications for Vism AR Blastar Thumbhole:

Color: Black
Length: 11.5 in
Gun Make: AR Platform

Features of Vism AR Blastar Thumbhole:

  • AR thumbhole stock with internal storage compartment and rubber butt pad
  • Multiple points to install QD sling cups (cups not included)
  • Designed to only fit MIL-SPEC carbine buffer tubes
  • Constructed of polymer
  • and hard anodized aluminum
  • Mounting bolts and tools included.

1-Vism AR Blastar Thumbhole
2-Vism AR Blastar Thumbhole
3-Vism AR Blastar Thumbhole
4-Vism AR Blastar Thumbhole
5-Vism AR Blastar Thumbhole
6-Vism AR Blastar Thumbhole
7-Vism AR Blastar Thumbhole
8-Vism AR Blastar Thumbhole
9-Vism AR Blastar Thumbhole
10-Vism AR Blastar Thumbhole
11-Vism AR Blastar Thumbhole
12-Vism AR Blastar Thumbhole
13-Vism AR Blastar Thumbhole
14-Vism AR Blastar Thumbhole
15-Vism AR Blastar Thumbhole
16-Vism AR Blastar Thumbhole

  • PROS
  • Solidly built, easily installed, mostly well fitted.
  • Came with CA Compliant thumb-hole inset cover
  • CONS
  • fitting around the upper curve of the grip leaves a noticeable gap.
  • NCStar is the parent company

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Joshuah - Add Reply

Firstly, the piece is solid and tight. Installed easily once I bothered reading the instructions. The length of pull is alright and the grip has a nice solid feel. Fitting against the boss is tight and firm, but (at least on my lower) doesn't fit flush around the outside curve. It's only a fraction of an inch, but it's noticeable. This is a well made (here's that word again) solid part that doesn't give a cheap vibe like you'd expect of something at this price point. I have 2 of them at this point, so I'm obviously satisfied. Note: this fits well on an AR15, but not at all on an AR10.

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Maxwell - Add Reply

NCStar isn't known for quality, if you're looking for the "best" AR15 stock then maybe you need to move on. But for under $40, this stock is definitely 5 stars. I have not shot the rifle with the stock installed yet but it seems sturdy enough. It cam with a thumb-hole cover insert so that was a very pleasant surprise. It basically a poor-man's Hera CQR style stock but without the $150 price tag. I'd definitely buy another one.

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