Sig Sauer Iron Sight Set, Flip Up, M1913 Rail

Price Save $9.50 from $138.99 to $129.49

The Sig Sauer Flip-up Iron Sight Set makes a great addition to your AR rifle. These AR 15 Iron Sights from Sig Sauer flip up to use co-witness with your optic or flip down when you want them out of the way. Sig Sauer Flip-up Iron Sights lock solidly into position whether up or down. Customize your build with a sleek look with Sig Sauer Flip-up Iron Front and Rear Sights.

89.75 /100
  • Design


  • Performance


  • Value for money


  • Feature


Specifications for Sig Sauer Iron Sight Set, Flip Up, M1913 Rail:

Gun Model: SIG Sauer SIG 716, SIG Sauer SIG 516, SIG Sauer MCX, SIG Sauer SIGM400
Gun Make: Sig Sauer

1-Sig Sauer Iron Sight Set, Flip Up, M1913 Rail
2-Sig Sauer Iron Sight Set, Flip Up, M1913 Rail
3-Sig Sauer Iron Sight Set, Flip Up, M1913 Rail
4-Sig Sauer Iron Sight Set, Flip Up, M1913 Rail
5-Sig Sauer Iron Sight Set, Flip Up, M1913 Rail
6-Sig Sauer Iron Sight Set, Flip Up, M1913 Rail
7-Sig Sauer Iron Sight Set, Flip Up, M1913 Rail
8-Sig Sauer Iron Sight Set, Flip Up, M1913 Rail
9-Sig Sauer Iron Sight Set, Flip Up, M1913 Rail

  • PROS
  • Very solid & high quality,
  • good detents
  • Rear sight folds flat regardless of aperture position
  • Well priced for name brand
  • Heavy Duty
  • great finish
  • smooth action
  • range of adjustment
  • solid construction
  • Easy to zero
  • Holds zero
  • Excellent value
  • look good
  • Quality Manufactured Iron Sights
  • Built well
  • well made
  • Price, Value, Quality
  • Steel Construction
  • Solid lock up
  • Easy to zero (NO TOOLS NEEDED!!!)
  • Easy to adjust and install
  • Well constructed
  • metal sights
  • price construction quality
  • very high quality and resonably priced
  • steel, not plastic
  • Accurate, quality, solid
  • Welll made
  • CONS
  • Tool needed to adjust windage (flat screwdriver)
  • Adjustment markings (scale) difficult to see on rear sight - etched not pained
  • no reference markings on front sight
  • Arrived with excessive grease (way to much)
  • Screwed up from the factory. Some ham-hand gorilla assembled them.
  • Limited adjustment
  • If i had to be picky... Theyre heavy.
  • rear adjustment could be easier, but no big deal
#Sig Sauer

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Saul - Add Reply

Good, solid, basic sights. They stay down when down & lock into place when flipped up. When I purchased these sights there was no photo on the optics planet website. I made my purchase decision based on the SIG name and what I saw other places including the SIG website. I was looking forward to the HK style front sight (post inside an open circle) BUT what came was in the mail the winged style front post. Disappointed but it was my own fault for making an assumption. I could have called or asked the question of Optics Planet before purchasing but I didn't. Its not a show stopper, just a minor disappointment since I was expecting something else. My only technical complaint is that the reference markings on the rear sight are very hard to see & use. The graduations are etched but not painted, with no obvious center line, and there are no reference marks on the front sight. The issue with this is that once you get them zeroed, you need to keep track of any adjustments you make in order to restore that zero later. These sights are very solid, have no play when flipped up, and the price was very competitive compared to other quality name brand flip up sights.

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Mallory - Add Reply

I had researched all over for BUIS and the Sig Sauer sights got great reviews from other users, and the price is right! They have a great fit and finish, operate smoothly, and have lots of adjustment and fit under my long range scope and don't hit or take up too much real estate. Minimal sight in time and solid build make them perfect for any AR15-M16-shot gun, etc.... And Optics planet has great shipping and products

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Chase - Add Reply

These Sig Sauer irons are bad for the price. The construction is solid and they appear to hold zero really well. They were very easy to zero-in as well. I recommend this set for anyone is looking to a decent set of iron sights on a budget price. The only grip I have is they arrived and packaged with EXCESSIVE grease. So bad I had to take quite a bit of time cleaning them.

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Henry - Add Reply

For the money these are a fantastic buy. They are metal and lock in the upright which is a must for me. The locking function is just great, you can spend double this amount for flimsy non locking sights.

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Dejuan - Add Reply

These are great iron sights but, thru no fault of Optics Planet, they arrived screwed up. Out of the unopened package, the rear sight was racked hard right, to the point that it could not be adjusted back to center. Optics Planet provided a free return and replacement, so I can't say enough about their good service and customer service. I CAN'T say the same for Sig. Since they've gotten so big and become "everything to everybody", I've had several problems with some of their products. This sight for one, another was a threaded barrel that I could not get the cap off of without damaging it. I sent it back to Sig and 6 weeks later they returned it with the cap removed, only they'd put a cap for a different barrel back in the package. Another six week delay and I get it back again, this time AGAIN so tight that I couldn't get the cap off. Mr Vise fixed that problem. Their customer service and certain products really suck, but their suppressors are sweet!!!

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Amparo - Add Reply

Solid locking and nice set solid adjustments. Got them cause the way the front adjust easy. Fits great on my custom ar. Would buy again. Had the troy rear sight before and can say these are just as nice.

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Raoul - Add Reply

These sights are built well and went on great. I like the sights but the front sight would not go down far enough for me to get my rifle on target. If I could get more adjustment out of the front sight I would have kept them.

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Arnoldo - Add Reply

I first noticed the quality of a set of Sig Sauer iron sights when I was looking to buy an MPX. Since that time I have been waiting for Sig to offer the sights ala carte. I installed them on a spikes tactical 9mm AR as co-witness to a Sig Sauer Romeo 5 red dot. The combination is fantastic with the Romeo 5 high rise base lining up perfectly with the iron.

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Sedrick - Add Reply

Love the sights. Easy to adjust, and locked on my rail tightly with locktite. No wiggle in the sights when folded up. To fold them up you simple push them forward, and they auto lock. To close you must push the release button, and fold them back. I haven't had any zeroing issues or any other issue after riding around on my ATV with it. I did clean and live them well, as they were a little gritty upon arrival, but now they are smooth as butter.

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Waylon - Add Reply

I picked the sites up because they were a good price, they work well and they are of good quality. The only problem I have with them is that the front sight is really hard to pick up in any low light situation or dark background . I guess I will have to put a night sight on the front or high viz. post.

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Jovanny - Add Reply

I bought these Sig Sauer flip iron sights because my new Sig Sauer 516 did not come with any sights. Although I also have a red dot, I still wanted to have iron sights on my gun. They are very well made and are very easy to install.

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Cameron - Add Reply

These sights are solid and durable. They are easy to mount and definitely a good value. I looked for many different sights and these really stood out in terms of value. Don’t overpay for Magpuls when these are a viable option.

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Amari - Add Reply

You can buy these once or other plastic ones each time they break. These have the quality build that you would expect from a Sig Sauer product and the finish matches the receiver exactly. Function is solid

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Rowland - Add Reply

Excellent flip up sights that lock. The ones that came with my MCX and MPX don't lock. This is a great deal for steel, locking flip up sights. I don't know why Sig doesn't ship these on all their rifles.

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Laurel - Add Reply

Great back up sights. Good from 50 yard and up on my 16” barrel .300 blackout. Price is right and comparable to other over priced iron sight. Very durable easy lock button and stayed zero over 500 rounds so far. Great product and will be getting another pair for my next build.

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Ulices - Add Reply

The SIG Sight Set was just as advertised. Fits well on my set-up and is definitely worth getting from Optic Planet in that they offer the best price! You won't be sorry if you get this product in that is a great value and is way better than the polymer stuff that is out there!

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Levi - Add Reply

Very Happy with this product, Compared price with Sig Site and Optics Planet, Saved money by purchasing through Optics Planet. Although there was a back order on the item, Optics Planet came through in purchasing my item in a timely manner! Thank You!! Have ordered from Optics Planet in the past and will continue to do so.

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Percival - Add Reply

Excellent sights. Sig quality. What else needs to be said? I have a lot of sights from different manufacturers, but I like these the best. Low profile is what you want when your running optics. This fits the bill perfectly.

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Damion - Add Reply

Bought these back up iron sights for my Sig MPX, and they are perfect! Sig quality and look great on any weapon I put them on! Had my optic zeroed in minutes thanks to these. Loved the speedy delivery

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Dante - Add Reply

Got this for my MPX and couldn’t be happier. Wanted to get MBus Pro but chose this instead. Great quality for the price and came in great condition. Easy adjustments and great fit. Didn’t have any of the issues that some people had.

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Gaston - Add Reply

I have had experience with many buis. Companies from Green blob to troy. I happened to catch these on during a 10% off sale and have to say, for $93 shipped, you're not going to get anything better unless you cough up $50 more. Better than magpul mbus, quality on par with troy. Theyre bomb proof! The lock up is solid and there is zero play. Just a tad on the heavy side, but unless youre counting ounces for a lightweight build, no worries. I had to oil them and work it in really well to smooth out opening and closing them. Solid iron, buy without hesitation.

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Dudley - Add Reply

Sights are exactly what I wanted, very sturdy, not to buisy, and fit perfect under my optics. Great product for a reasonable price. Sights are easy to adjust and hold zero. They also look great on my Sig Mcx.

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Vincent - Add Reply

I like the Sig Saur BUIS because IOC the sturdy mounting and easy to adjust. It’s all steel and I don’t have to worry about it if I drop my rifle. The flip button is simple and easy as a snap. Dig Saur built their BUIS precisely and non of the parts rattles. That’s quality worth paying for.

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Adrian - Add Reply

I bought these as backup sights for my MPX. They co-witness perfectly with my Sig romeo3 XDR. Easy to flip up and they lock solidly in place. Maintain a low profile when folded and are out of the way until needed. i highly recommend these sights.

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Herminio - Add Reply

Quality materials and solid feel. Lock up great. Push button fold and user flip up, not spring loaded like some polymer b. u. s. These sights are great for the price and you will be hard pressed to find a better iron sight much cheaper than these.

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Kenyon - Add Reply

These are way more than I expected. They are STEEL, and are machined very nice, made in USA! They lock in the up posistion, and with a push of a button, they fold down. Very stout springs, easy to adjust front sight without tools, and nice firm clicks, it isn't going to move later. Same with the rear, I used a screwdriver to center up the peep sights, nice and firm also. The ONLY downside is you do need a screw driver to move the rear, no big deal, once it's set you won't move it again anyways. I like Magpul stuff, but these are a lot more bang for the buck!

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Troy - Add Reply

I installed these on my Sig 516 and they are tight and spot on accurate! High quality and solid! I will probably buy a set for my Sig MCX. I would recommend these for not only Sig rifles, but any AR style rifle. Optics planet had the best price!

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Chelsey - Add Reply

I needed a set of back up sights for my new Sig MCX Virtus. I installed the Sig Romeo 4H for my primary sight and use these iron sights as a back up although in some training circumstances, I will use the iron sights as the primary. The adjustments are very simple which I like as well. Well built as are all Sig products. I highly recommend the Sig sights as well as Optics Planet in regard to offerring these at a great price. I ordered another set for my Sig MPX.

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Boris - Add Reply

A robust sight. Kind of heavy but very durable. May be hard to adjust rear sights due to the tension on the adjustment. Really like the two rear sight apperatures for area and pin point targets. Easy to install to any 1913 rail. Solid fit. Awesome warranty through sig sauer. Only time will tell how the durability is, at this moment everything fits well.

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Gage - Add Reply

Fyi Had a problem with the front sight would not flip up was frozen into place , the first set i sent back then i received a new set was the same problem but after hitting the knob with a wrench i somehow got it to unfreeze and they now look great monted on my MCX can tell they were made for the rifle as the blend in perfect

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Peyton - Add Reply

The Sig iron sights are engineered and manufactured well. The sights lock tightly to the M1913 rail and there is absolutely no rattle or play in either up or down lock positions. The sights are easy to get use to and that helps with quick target acquisition.

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