Tasco ProPoint 1x26 Red/Green Dot Sight

Tasco ProPoint PDPRGD 1x26mm Red Green Dot Sight has been the choice for competitive shooters, turkey hunters and slug gun enthusiasts for as long as we can remember. Built to last, Tasco ProPoint lends confidence and composure when it?s needed most. Solid construction, flawless tracking and a rheostat-controlled illuminated red dot, these sights live up to their great reputation shot after shot. Accessories include rings to fit standard 7/8" or Weaver style bases, extension tubes, glare filter and one lithium ion battery.

Specifications for Tasco ProPoint PDPRGD 1x26mm Red Green Dot Sight:

Magnification:   1x
Field-Of-View:   60' @ 100 yards
Lens Coating:   Rubicon? multi-layered, fully coated
Focus Type:   Fixed
Parallax Setting:   50 yards
Objective Lens Diameter:   26mm
Eye Relief:   Unlimited
Reticle Type:   Illuminated 5 M.O.A Red/Green Dot, 11-position Rheostat
Windage/Elevation:   .5 @ 50 yards
Tube Dia:   38mm
Weight:   5.7 oz.
Length:   5.4"
Finish:   Black Matte

Features of Tasco ProPoint PDPRGD 1x26mm Red Green Dot Sight:

  • Illuminated 5 M.O.A. green dot for low light switches, with a turn of a dial, to a red dot for bright light situations.
  • Includes ringsets for dovetail-styled base, ocular and objective mirage hoods, haze filter caps, one lithium ?coin-style? battery and Allen wrench.
  • Matte Black finish.

Package Contents:

  • Tasco ProPoint PDPRGD 1x26mm Red Green Dot Sight

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91.75 /100
  • Design


  • Performance


  • Value for money


  • Feature


1-Tasco ProPoint 1x26 Red/Green Dot Sight

  • PROS
  • Small, light weight, simple operation
  • CONS

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Jayson - Add Reply

Over many years of shooting, having never used optics I decided to purchase a Tasco ProPoint 1x26mm Red Green Dot Sight PDPRGD for my new 22cal. pistol. As a beginner with optics I was looking for a moderately priced scope,decided on the Tasco and hoped for the best. Well I found out very soon I made the right decision. The scope was easy to mount and very easy to learn how to use, even for a beginner like me. When I went to an outdoor range to use the scope for the first time I was amazed at how quick and easy it was to sight in and shoot with. It took approximately 15 rounds and some slight adjustments and I was shooting out the bullseye with ease at 30ft. I found the control knob to adjust the red or green dots to be a breeze to operate. I haven't found any drawbacks to the performance of this scope and am looking forward to showing my family how to use it so they can join in the fun. Pros: Great price and even better performance Cons: None

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Judah - Add Reply

This was the first time using a red dot sight. I installed it on a Browning buckmark pistol for target shooting at 25 yards. It works alot better than trying to focus on rear sight and target especially if your over 50. Pros: Easy to Use

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Justyn - Add Reply

I bought this red/green dot site for my 22 rifle, easy to install, it came with a nice set of rings for mounting. To zero it in only took a few rounds. The red or green dot works really well. Being able to change the brightness of the dot is a plus. I like it alot, nice scope/site for the money. Pros: Performs as advertised

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Adolf - Add Reply

I installed this on a Ruger Mini-30 and so far it has performed flawlessly. It was easy to install and sight in Pros: Ease of use and setup Cons: none found yet

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Jeremie - Add Reply

I got one for my son a couple years back for his 12 guage shot gun. He got me one in return last year for use on my S&W 44 mag. Had to get it replaced right away because the dimmer switch/battery cap fell apart. Bushnell (the parent company) replaced it after I payed for shipping. The new one seams to be holding up well as I took my first deer with it this season. Using Hornady sst 225 grain bullets, I'm able to shoot pretty tight groups for a hand gun at 100 yards. The dot can be a little difficult to pick-up right away due to the relatively small apature, but once you do, sighting is a snap. I'd recommend this sight to anyone whos not extremely concerned about long distance accuracy and on a small budget. Pros: Easy to use and zero, Cons: A little concerned about durability on bigger guns.

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Ronny - Add Reply

I have an older Tasco ProPoint on one of my handguns for competition shooting for many years and it has worked flawlessly. I was putting together a 10/22 for my grandson and figured that mounting a Tasco ProPoint on the rifle would be the easiest for him to use. Turns out the Tasco ProPoint was the best decision for this as its easy to pick up the dot and being able to change the dot color helps when shooting the swinging metal targets we have at our range that people sometimes paints red, black or white.

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Baron - Add Reply

Very good sight for the very reasonable price. I like the option of red or green dot especially at dawn or dusk. The green dot allows you to see a target in very low light whereas rhe red dot eliminates the target. The only con for this sight is that the low mounts may require a riser on some weapons.

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Oliver - Add Reply

Needed a low profile optic for my 44 mag rifle. Was worried about recoil but it seems to be fine. Dot is plenty bright for daytime use and is excellent for low light conditions. I like it! Perfect for hog hunting due to fast target acquisition.

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Federico - Add Reply

Can't beat the price and performance, whether hunting, plinking with a .22, or tactical use. One of these has been attached to a 3.5 magnum shotgun for years and is devastating on turkeys. Just bought my third one so don't pay big bucks for any other red dot...wasting your money IMO.

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Gianni - Add Reply

Haven't had time to mount it yet. Looks like it should get the job done on my 10/22. It's a basic beginner unit and the red/green dots are not actually a dot. More of a rounded rectangle. Not great optics, but you can't beat the price for something to kick around with.

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Micah - Add Reply

After shopping around, this was the best deal at a great price. OpticsPlanet has a good reputation for service and selection, I was not surprised with my experience after reading the reviews. The Tasco was just what I was looking for and has performed exactly as advertised, easy install, simple set up and getting it zero'd was very quick.

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