DI Optical EG1 Red Dot Sight

The DI Optical EG1 Prismatic Red Dot Sight have a convenient manual rotary brightness control with 15 brightness levels on the 1.5 MOA dot for quick target acquisition in different light conditions. These Red Dot Sights by DI Optical boast an incredible 5,000 hours of battery life, which is preserved by the auto shut-off feature. The D.I. Optical EG1 Aluminum Red Dot Sight has a shaded 28mm lens for a wide, crisp field of view, and is lightweight with a 6061-T6 aluminum housing. For a sight that increases your accuracy while keeping you moving, choose the DI Optical EG1 15mm x 21mm Red Dot Sight.

92.5 /100
  • Design


  • Performance


  • Value for money


  • Feature


Features of DI Optical EG1 28mm Red Dot Sight, 2FC-RD-EAGPRDS:

  • Parallax free prism optical system with 30mm lens provides a clear and extra wide field of view
  • Ideal size for the AR rifle platform
  • Easy grip rotary switch for LED brightness control
  • Two glare reducing rubber hoods
  • Rugged aluminum housing
  • Quick detachable mount (Optional)
  • Wide adjustment range in both elevation and windage
  • Submersible up to 10 feet

1-DI Optical EG1 Red Dot Sight
2-DI Optical EG1 Red Dot Sight
3-DI Optical EG1 Red Dot Sight
4-DI Optical EG1 Red Dot Sight
5-DI Optical EG1 Red Dot Sight
6-DI Optical EG1 Red Dot Sight
7-DI Optical EG1 Red Dot Sight
8-DI Optical EG1 Red Dot Sight
9-DI Optical EG1 Red Dot Sight
10-DI Optical EG1 Red Dot Sight
11-DI Optical EG1 Red Dot Sight
12-DI Optical EG1 Red Dot Sight
13-DI Optical EG1 Red Dot Sight
14-DI Optical EG1 Red Dot Sight
15-DI Optical EG1 Red Dot Sight
16-DI Optical EG1 Red Dot Sight
17-DI Optical EG1 Red Dot Sight

  • PROS
  • Amazing FOV!
  • Endless Eye Relief!
  • Simple to use!
  • Didn't break the bank!
  • stands out!
  • Quality & Affordable
  • Looks aggresive
  • great red dot with glasses
  • They added a 3 year warranty not 1 year anymore
  • CONS
  • dot could be cleaner at higher intesity
  • Limited reviews
  • needs more description
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Maverick - Add Reply

I really like this sight, rugged and does not give you that tube or tunnel effect. For me, it functions similarly to the Trijicon MRO. It's get for close range and USPSA's PCC Division. I've tested it out to 100 yards, and found it to be very accurate for a red dot.

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Pierce - Add Reply

I will admit I was a bit skeptical to pay around $400 for an optic that was produced by a company I knew little about. But, with diligent research I came to the conclusion that for the price I couldn't really lose. I will say that is the case, I didn't lose, but one aspect I haven't liked is the crispness of the dot its' self. It seems to blur a tad bit as you increase the intensity of the dot but not enough to distort or obscure anything other than the dot, in low settings though it's phenomenal. Now this could be simply my perception or a variable that was unaccounted for when I used the red dot. Another negative, is the weight and footprint the optic has on my rifle, not enough for me to return it or use something else but just a cumbersome feature to the optic. Now with that said, the size of the optic may be the best quality to its' self. The size of the glass along with the endless eye relief is wonderful! At times I seem to forget that I'm looking through the optic, I don't find myself going cross eyed during continuous use. As far as the accuracy and zero out the factory, I'ld say it's pretty on par with mainstream brands, I had very little adjustments to make. The optic also seems to be very durable other than the coating on the thumb screw which I foresee a bit of that wearing later down the road. All in all I would say it's a top tier red dot sight for a couple hundred dollars less.

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Carmine - Add Reply

Everything my aimpoint is and more. Loving it so far. It's already been dropped twice and had lemonade spilled all over it once. Still trucking right along. I love the increased field of view. My only complaint is I wish it was 1/2 or 1/4 MOA adjustments instead of a full 1 MOA adjustment

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Vince - Add Reply

This red dot is very well made and has a distinguished look to it . While at first I didn't like the red dot it seemed like a bright splash dot then I randomly put reading glasses on and holy moly it really made the sight top notch ... I put four stars because they should inform people that if you use with glasses there is a night and day difference .. and by the way I do not wear glasses nor have I ever needed them it was a random spare of the moment thing . I used my wife's glasses.. I'm guessing there's some connection that your suppose to use eye wear with this optic ... I don't see I as an negative because the optic is top quality and most wear glasses while shooting anyway . I would buy this sight again if that explains my feelings towards the EG1 . ******they added 3 year warranty, it's not 1 year like it says on box and manual ***** Customer service was awesome with my questions and the main representative for the brand even called me back and gave me his personal number to call if I need anything .. doesn't get any better than that .... and not I'm not an important person just and interested customer ... Only con they need to tell people the benefit of using reading glasses / or hey maybe that's me and it won't happen to others. But I do believe my sight is perfectly fine.. I was in shock the difference with glasses

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Lamont - Add Reply

This sight is no joke. I put it on my UZI Pro. It took a while to get it sighted in exactly how I wanted it mostly due to the firearm I was putting it on. It's built like a tank, looks very different than any other sight I've ever had. Once sighted in i was putting holes through holes. Easy to see in sun light, haven't tried it with night vision yet. If you want a very cool, different looking sight that is built like a tank this is the one.

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