EOTech Mini Red Dot Sight Basic Kit

EOTech Mini Red Dot Sight Basic Kit is a highly durable red dot sight for highly accurate sighting, compatible with MIL-STD 1913 Picatinny rails and Weaver rails. This red dot sight by EOTech allows you to easily make adjustments for windage and elevation, improving the sight's accuracy. The EOTech MRDS Mini Red Dot Sight Basic Pack features an auto adjusting dot intensity, which can also be adjusted manually. This compact red dot sight is designed to exceed military standards for durability, which means optimal performance in extreme tactical conditions. EOTech red dot sights are built with extreme durability and precision performance for accurate shooting every time. A lightweight, impact resistant polymer lens with an anti-reflective coating is sturdy and clear in all weather conditions, and the sight is designed to aid in rapid target acquisition at close combat distances. Enjoy ease of operation, simple MOA adjustments, and tactical superiority in battle of the EO Tech MRDS Mini Illuminated Red Dot Sight.

95.25 /100
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Features of EO Technology Mini Reflex Sight:

  • 1 MOA Per Click Windage and Elevation Adjustment
  • Auto Adjust Dot Intensity
  • Manual Dot Intensity with 4 Brightness Levels
  • Waterproof to 66 Feet
  • Meets MIL-SPEC 810G
  • Top Load Battery with 1 Year Max Run Time
  • Fits Existing DOCTER Sight Mounts
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

1-EOTech Mini Red Dot Sight Basic Kit
2-EOTech Mini Red Dot Sight Basic Kit
3-EOTech Mini Red Dot Sight Basic Kit
4-EOTech Mini Red Dot Sight Basic Kit
5-EOTech Mini Red Dot Sight Basic Kit
6-EOTech Mini Red Dot Sight Basic Kit
7-EOTech Mini Red Dot Sight Basic Kit

  • PROS
  • well made, durable
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Trey - Add Reply

I have several Trijicon RMRs and decided to venture into the Eotech. I have seversl Eotech sites and love the quality. This is no exception. Easy to set up. Attaches to Doctor style base, not RMR base. I added a protective hood. Very durable. Placed it on an ACOG with adaptor. RMR built into ACOG probably cleaner but if you already have an ACOG and want a red dot for close quarters, this does the job. Pros: Small, light, rugged, easy use

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Lloyd - Add Reply

This is great lightweight sight for a rifle, not so much a pistol since it is took think for suppressor sights to co witness otherwise great sight, rugged reliable and compact, battery compartment is where is should be.

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Rylan - Add Reply

I picked up a military 7moa kit from a private seller. With the shroud and good mounts it is perferct for my ar pistol build. Being light and quick, it's easy to acquire targets at 1yrd to 100yrds for me. I have banged it around a few times and used it on my full size ar15 before moving it to the pistol. I replace the battery every 6-8 months and it just works. Best $150 I ever spent. I don't know if I would cough up $700 for the set I have with all the mounts and extras that just sit in the box but I would definitely recommend to anyone if they can find it used in good condition.

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Alexander - Add Reply

I purchased this because I was looking for something quite durable for my M&P CORE, and this sure fits the bill. I was using a Trijicon RMR, but that has no off switch and I had to use tape over the sensor to get it to shut off. This red dot has multiple brightness levels and an on/off switch. It's made by Eotech, what more can I say. Has held zero very well with 9mm +P loads. I plan to buy a second one for my FNX45.

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