Vortex StrikeFire Red Dot Scopes AR15

Vortex StrikeFire Red Dot Scope AR15 offers an unlimited field of view and eye relief. This Vortex Red Dot Scope is compact and allows you to shoot with both eyes open without worrying about parallax shooting error. The 30mm tube of the Vortex Strike Fire Red Dot Scope allows greater windage, elevation and greater strength compared to a 1-inch tube. This red dot sight by Vortex has a one piece tube which maximizes strength and waterproofness, in addition to the O-ring sealed optics that prevent moisture and debris from getting inside. StrikeFire Red Dot Scopes have a 6-hour auto shutdown feature. This will maximize your battery life when out in the field. We are an Authorized US Distributor for Vortex Red Dot Scopes. The Vortex Strike-Fire Red Dot Scope comes with full manufacturer's warranty.

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Specifications for Vortex StrikeFire Red Dot Scopes AR15:

Magnification: 1 x
Objective Lens Diameter: 30 mm
Eye Relief: Unlimited
Tube Size: 30 mm
Dot Size: 4 MOA
Adjustment Graduation: 1/2 MOA
Max Elevation Adjustment: 100 MOA
Max Windage Adjustment: 100 MOA
Length: 6.1 inches
Weight: 7.2 ounces

Features of Vortex StrikeFire Red Dot Scopes AR-15:

  • Fully Multi-Coated Lenses Increase light transmission with multiple anti-reflective coatings on all air-to-glass surfaces.
  • 30 mm Tube Allows greater windage and elevation adjustment travel along with greater strength compared to the one-inch tube.
  • Low Ring Height Puts scope's bore center 21 mm (0.8 inches) above the base height. Commonly used for mounting with most rifles, shotguns, and handguns. Mounting ring fits Weaver or Picatinny style base.
  • One-Piece Tube Maximizes strength and waterproofness.
  • High Recoil Caliber Rating Tested with .375 H&H Magnum for 1000 rounds.
  • Adjustable Red Dot Intensity Allows adjusting of the dot intensity according to viewing conditions.
  • Unlimited Eye Relief Non-critical eye relief provides maximum mounting options.
  • Parallax Free Allows for rapid shooting with both eyes open, without concern for parallax shooting error. Parallax free beyond 50 yards; minimal parallax error closer than 50 yards.
  • 2x Doubler Screw-in doubler provides extra magnification for longer distance shooting.
  • Battery Life 6-hour auto-shutdown feature maximizes battery life. Typical battery life in normal mode of operation: 200 hours (maximum brightness), 5600 hours (minimum brightness). Typical battery life in night vision mode: 6800 hours (maximum brightness), 8000 hours (minimum brightness).
  • Waterproof Optics are sealed with O-rings to prevent moisture, dust, and debris from getting inside.
  • Fogproof Barrels are filled with nitrogen gas to inhibit internal fogging.
  • Operating Temperature Rated from -40 degrees to +140 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Vortex Limited Lifetime Warranty

1-Vortex StrikeFire Red Dot Scopes AR15
2-Vortex StrikeFire Red Dot Scopes AR15

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Tavares - Add Reply

I have had this on a patrol rifle for over a year. I have abused it. It's been out in the Pacific NW weather, in and out of a patrol car, bumped, knocked and probably had 500-750 rds through the gun since installed. On weekends it stored in a locker in a rifle case. I mechanically co-witnessed it out of the box it was nearly dead on at 100m when I got it to the range. The only issue I had was in the rifle case, the "on/off" switch is sensitive enough to activate and it does not have an "auto off" so it ran the battery down. I fabricated a guard for it and resolved the issue, so no problems since. I have recommended it to other folks who have purchased it and they have similar experiences. Pros: Relatively inexpensive, durable, no issues so far...well over a year. Cons: See comments

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Jaylen - Add Reply

I did alot of research before buying a few optics that I ''needed''.I really wanted to hate this.(yes,it is made by chinese slave labor)I have heard that the red/green model lacks in brightness of the dot.I also have heard that the red dot only does not have this problem.Well,it doesn't.I shot a few hundred rounds through this the day after it came.Held zero perfect.Don't forget to use blue threadlocker on the 6 scope ring screws,they will loosen up on you.The only reason I did not give this 5 stars all the way across is because those screws could be a little better quality.No,i'm not a ''professional operator''(I don't have all those cool clothes) i'm just a guy who likes to shoot and not get ripped off.You won't either if you buy this. Pros: It works great Cons: scope ring screws could be better

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Morton - Add Reply

Got this after selling most of my red dot scopes and needed another one. I've owned many from Bushnell TRS-25, Eotech 517, and cheapy Tascos. They all worked great, no problems but this time wanted something better than your avg. and less than Eotech/Aimpoint. The Vortex was a good fit-good quality,easy to use,& has a lot of features including NV mode. The best warranty - lifetime, everyone else is like one year. Also, buy the red only dot not the green/red model-its more reliable. Pros: Lifetime warranty, good value Cons: not household battery

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Sidney - Add Reply

I purchased the Vortex Strikefire Red Dot Only sight as my first red dot for my AK 47. After mounting the sight it appeared to work well, but after I fired 3 shots through my rifle, in order to sight it in, the dot went out. I figured that the factory battery may have just gone out, but after I put new batteries in it still did not work. I called up Vortex and explained the situation, and within 5 minutes I had a shipping label to their factory for a complete replacement of the sight. I now have a new sight, and several extra batteries that they sent me with it. I have yet to go back out to the range and make sure that it works, but because of their "no questions asked" service, I have full confidence in the product. Vortex appears to be an excellent company, and would purchase one of their products again. Pros: Excellent dot clarity, Appears to be tough, mounts well on my rifle Cons: Had to send it back to the factory.

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Connor - Add Reply

I bought this based on what I read and saw on "youtube", but don't be fooled this is just a basic red dot with minimal capabilities. However the 2x magnifier is cool, but awkward to use in the field - if you're doing speed drill or moving (tactical shooting) it is useless, on the bench it is ok. Also there is no cord to hold the caps to the scope and they'll roll away if not careful. I would suggest if you were to consider this scope to take a look at the sightmark or save you money and buy an Aimpoint or EOTech. To be fair on the day we were shooting my so was using an EOTech 522 and I could do everything he could do, and hit the same targets with similar accurracy. Good Luck - and look at all before you buy. Pros: Well made, easy to zero, light weight Cons: Made in China, Red dot blurs on the highest setting, no cord to keep caps fron rolling away

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Kendrick - Add Reply

This is the very best red dot for the MONEY! What helps making it one of the best other than the amazing quality? Take a look at VORTEX VIP WARRANTY, "Our warranty is about you, not us. It's about taking care of you after the sale. The VIP stands for a Very Important Promise to you, our customers. We will repair or replace your Vortex product for any reason at NO CHARGE TO YOU. It doesn't matter how it happened, whose fault it was, or where you purchased it. You can count on the VIP Warranty for all riflescopes, binoculars, spotting scopes and monoculars. Unlimited Lifetime Warranty Fully transferable No warranty card to fill out No receipt needed to hang on to If you ever have a problem, no matter the cause, we promise to take care of you." THAT MY FRIENDS, IS CUSTOMER SERVICE!!! Thank you Optics Planet for your excellent service as well. Pros: Bright, Decent Battery Life, Affordable Cons: No Aimpoint When It Comes To Battery Life

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Manuela - Add Reply

The Strikefire Red Dot is a great budget unit with good features and an unbeatable warranty thru Vortex. I would not use this on my duty rifle but great for target practice and fun. This is the 2nd Strikefire I have purchased and would use this on hunts - if Vortex did better than a 4 MOA. Pros: Well made, great price & unbeatable warranty Cons: 4 MOA & mediore battery life

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Ladarius - Add Reply

Great red don't, I have 2 on my ARs and they have both been great red dots, The red dot only version is the model to get and make sure to order the high mount for an AR. Pros: Price, includes mount and covers Cons: wish it used a cr123 instead of the cry

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Hermann - Add Reply

Scope mounted on a carry handle AR-15 about half way down the top rail with no problem. I was pleased to see it co-sighted perfectly with my carry handle sights. Approximately 30% of the population has eye sight with a slight astigmatism so the dot to me looks like a daisy with a center dot and 6 pedals/dots around the center. At first I figured the scope would be good for "elephants center of mass shots" due to size of daisy, but have finally gotten it down to typical Raccoon size at 75 yards. Have only ran 30 rounds through this scope/gun combo but so far it has held zero with not problems. Vortec is a great company and I would purchase another product from them; wish they sold eyes! Pros: value Cons: my eyes

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Zachary - Add Reply

I purchased the red dot only version of this sight. The day that I took it ti get it zeroed it was a very sunny day and I was concerned that the dot was not going to be bright enough. It turned out not to be an issue at all. 4 of us used it and all agreed that the sight was very good and the dot was very clear to see, and I had it set to only the 4th brightest setting and that was more than bright enough. Everybody wanted one for their rifles. Pros: Easy to zero, holds zero well, very good red dot for the money Cons: Slight star burst, not a 2 moa dot

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Taurean - Add Reply

I admit to being an iron sight snob. Unfortunately, now that I'm old as dirt, I can't see. I figured I'd buy a red dot to find out what all the hoopla is about with this new fangled technology. I sent a wire by Western Union and they sent one out to me by stagecoach. The Strikefire sure made a convert out of me. It took me only a few rounds to zero it and perfect my two eye open technique. The dot is plenty bright enough and target acquisition was very rapid. Accuracy was excellent. I'm a believer now. The only negative, as has been mentioned previously, is the placement of the power switch. Overall an excellent value. I bought the sight with a Father's Day discount and free shipping. Optics Planet even surprised me with a small additional discount when I checked the invoice. I don't know what it was for, but it was nice to pay less than expected, which is the opposite of my usual online ordering experience. Pros: Excellent Value, Durable, Functions Flawlessly Cons: Poor on/off switch placement

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Freddie - Add Reply

I bought this as an alternative to an Aimpoint since it was going on an SKS. I couldn't see putting a $400.00 scope on a $200.00 rifle but I do use an Aimpoint on another firearm so I have a comparison. It works well and is a reasonably priced alternative but do not expect it to perform like an Aimpoint. I've had great success with it out to 100 yards but I would say after that the 4 MOA may become difficult to manage. My research indicates it's the best of the Chinese red dot sights and the warranty is impossible to beat. You do not even need a proof of purchase to make a claim. Pros: Price, warranty, decent optics Cons: 4 MOA, mount,

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Lloyd - Add Reply

Mounted this Vortex red dot on top of my AK47, and have had a bst with it!!! Just as good as my eotech and less then half the price. Pros: Flip up eye covers!!! Cons: Non yet

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Harrison - Add Reply

The Strikefire is a capable red dot sight and a great value for the money. Not an EoTech, but just as reliable and less than half the price. Could stand to have a choice of reticle patterns, but having the screw in magnifier makes up for that shortcoming. The red dot itself is sufficiently adequate for rapid target acquisition. Pros: usability, value Cons: single dot, no reticle patterns

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Arvel - Add Reply

The Strikefire is an excellent value red dot. The glass is clear and the dot is very visible, even in bright sunlight. It's very simple to get mounted up and zeroed in. Holds zero just fine for average range use (.223 for me). Repeated abuse might yield different results. Overall looks great and seems durable enough for my intended use. Only minor gripes are the power button location and slight difficulty in closing the lens caps, not enough to take off a star. Otherwise an A+ product. Pros: Bright dot, clear glass, durable, looks great, affordable Cons: Lens cap can be a pain to close, power button location

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Brooks - Add Reply

Most folks here griped about the power button's position- on the side, poking out a little bit, just laying it in your gun case can turn it on. However, who says you have to mount it with the power button on the left side? Roll that thing over so that the button is on the bottom. Whoop-de-do, your windage and elevation knobs aren't in the traditional places- they're just as easy to get to. I ran out of elevation adjustment, so rolling mine over let me use the windage adjustment in place of elevation, and that worked out. Mounted on an SU16CA, so I was surprised that it ran out of adjustment, since the rail is so low on that weapon. Ah well. It's a two-eyes-open thing, also- the small diameter and lack of magnification (think Eotech, but smaller and with a relatively giant black border around the reticle) make this a compromise between huge money and El Cheapo import optics. This one skips multiple reticle shapes and colors for a simple red dot. That dot's kinda big and kinda oblong, but on dimmer settings you can overcome that. Pros: Automatic shutoff Cons: Glare from the dot, limited adjustment range

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Alford - Add Reply

This is a great red dot setup. The magnifier is a great addition. I've put 500 rounds through my AR with it on and it has held zero. I'm hitting steel out to 300 yards consistently and believe it or not as of today I made 2 out of 10 shots at 610 yards (18'' steel plate)!!! The only bad is you should remove the battery when you store it in a bag or it might turn on. If you want it BUY IT because it is a high value optic. Pros: Works every time Cons: Power button is sensitive

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Jaren - Add Reply

Decent red dot for the money. The red dot itself is not very crisp. It looks like a bunch of small dots randomly placed in a small group to give the illusion of a single dot. Hard to acquire target at longer distances with the 2X magnifier

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Winfield - Add Reply

Excellent red dot for the money. Zero regrets when it comes to this sight. Sight holds zero well and has brightness settings for any lighting conditions. Would definitely recommend this sight to anyone not willing to shell out $500 on an Aimpoint.

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Camron - Add Reply

I was purchasing this for a ruger 77/44 and originally purchased the ar mount due to the fact that they were out of the low rings. I contacted Vortex and they we swapped out for a low mount no questions asked. I finally got to sight it in 2 weeks ago and was very impressed with the clarity, and accuracy of this product. I would highly recommend this product to anyone that wants a good red dot but can't spring for a $1,000.00 one. Excellent customer service from vortex also. Pros: Light weight, very clear, Cons: none

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Robert - Add Reply

This is a nice red dot scope. The dot is very bright in direct sun light. The auto shut off is a nice feature. So far it has held zero on my AR15 for 300 plus rounds. Save your money and buy this scope. Pros: Positive Co Witness Cons: None

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Nash - Add Reply

Great little unit for the price! Super easy to install and adjust. The red dot is fully adjustable form low light to full sun. One little annoyance is at full power, the dot looks more like a moth, but turn it down a little and its perfect. Mine is on a Colt Sporter, Target Model with carry handle. Bought a drop-in picatinny rail and you can still use the iron sights with the Red Dot mounted. I liked it so much, I bought another for my Mossberg! Pros: Price, adjustability and easy battery access Cons: Eyepiece dust cover can’t be moved to magnification scope attachment.

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Brian - Add Reply

I like Vortex, I already own a Diamondback scope and am 100% satisfied with that. This Strikefire was a big disappointment, the dot is too big, and not round, kind of a little illuminated insect. I found it unacceptable. Opticsplanet are the best, I sent it back and purchased the Vortex SPARC which I'm sure will do the job when it arrives. Pros: Well made for the price. Cons: Red dot is too big and not round, looks like a little illuminated gnat.

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Darrell - Add Reply

Great red dot scope and one of the best warrantees in the business. They told me that if I wanted to use it in bright sunlight that I should get the red only scope rathe than the red/green as i tis not as bright. Pros: Great value Cons: None

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Randi - Add Reply

After reading a lot of reviews on this site, I ordered the red dot only hunt mount for my AK. Optics planet was out and did not know when they would get any in. After 2 weeks, I called customer service and asked them to send me the AR mount red dot only. They instead sent the red/green version. I kept it, bought my own low ring, and went to the range. Other than the dot looking like 4 grapes, the site is overall workable. I had it zeroed in about 9 rounds and was hitting a paper plate out to 60 yards. Heat did not seem to affect it. It was about 100 out and the site is mounted on an Ultimak rail. I fired about 60 rounds total, including several rapid fire. I could see both colored dots on a sunny GA day. Pros: Value for money, Appears/feels rugged. Controls have positive clicks. Cons: Dots look like grapes, On button takes getting used to.

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Angel - Add Reply

This is a perfect sight for anyone wanting a quality sight but not wanting to pay $500 for it. The dot is bright enough to be seen in full Texas sunlight. The elevation and windage adjustment turrets are very audible and feel solid. The 2x doubler is great and actually works. This sight is absolutely perfect for anyone wanting quality optics without costing an arm and a leg. Pros: Great sight, Aimpoint quality at 1/4 the price Cons: none

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Torrance - Add Reply

If you want an inexpensive way to upgrade your AR-15 with a scope then this is the scope for you. It's easy to set up, mount, and operate on an AR-15. The RED DOT ONLY Strikefire is the best choice if you want a bright red dot on bright sunny days. High quality scope if you want to save some $. Highly recommend. Pros: Best bang for you buck Cons: The power up button could be located on the front

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Ronny - Add Reply

It is a decent recreational sight. Pros: Price Cons: It's not a Trijicon

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Hilton - Add Reply

Good Value. Expectations were higher but it works well for price. Pros: Good value Cons: Green tint in optics. Dot is somewhat star shaped.

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Alan - Add Reply

I mounted this on a Kel-Tec Sub2K on a rail that I attached to the factory handguard. Sighting in required a handful of shots at 10 yards then fine tuning at 25. So far it's held it's zero and it has made the little carbine a blast to shoot. The only negative comment is that the click adjustments are very stiff. I don't really mind that though so its a very minor "con" Pros: Cost, nice accessories Cons: stiff adjustment

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Jaquan - Add Reply

The windage and elevation adjustments didn't seem to go the right direction all the time. I sighted in at 25, 50, then 100 yards and was happy. The I dimmed dot brightness by half, and shot higher a couple inches at 100 yards. But at the end of the day, having a better understanding how things work, was fairly happy. the 2x magnifier is handy. Pros: fast, clear target aqutisition Cons: finicky set up, dot brightness changes point of impact

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Zack - Add Reply

Good scope so far except for the first one burning out but Vortex has a awesome warranty policy. Will post another review when I get to test it on the range. Pros: Red dot, both eyes open shooting, good warranty Cons: First one burned out after a day of use, crapy mount

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Olen - Add Reply

I was a bit hesitant at the purchase of this scope, just because the price is so low. You get a lot of extras for the amount of money you pay. I figured they cut corners somewhere to offer the extras that come with this system. Nope, it is an EXCELLENT red dot system for any kind of firearm. Rifle, Shotgun or Pistol will benefit from the ease of use and relative light weight. There are more expensive systems tout there but very few that offer the advantages of the Strikefire. The brightness levels are perfect for any lighting conditions including NV which usually fetches a premium. The controls are easy to use and the covers fit snugly without being a PITA to open like many "included covers". The system will fit on most of the flip-to-side or twist of mounts if the included mount is not your taste. Pros: 2X magnifier basic mount and covers included, easy to use and quality construction. Cons: None at this price!

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Eldred - Add Reply

Very nice optic for the money can't complain about anything. Only went through a little over a hundred rounds with it installed and had no issue with it holding zero. The only downsides are the lens caps being a pain to close and the price of the cr2 batteries. The lens cap problem was fixed using a little grease on the rim of the cap, works flawless now Pros: Affordable, well constructed, looks awesome, bright clear dot Cons: Lens caps hard to close, easy to bump power button or put into night vision mode

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Jared - Add Reply

I love this red dot so much that I have two of them. One of them is 1/3 co witnessed on a M4 the other is on a AK 74. The only con I have other than the flip up caps is that the cantilever scope mount is hard to find and can be pricey.

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Gilbert - Add Reply

Have not had any problems so far. Seems rugged. Dot is crisp for me. Pros: decent mount, not too heavy, Cons: none really

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Billy - Add Reply

Very nice red dot similar to the aimpoint but without the price and very solid. Dot is clear and so are the optics! Also purchased the kill-flash with it which is a nice addition and the ruby lenses look cool and it looks cool on my AR period. Mount is not so good but I will be purchasing a QD mount for it. Doubler does reduce vision but not to badly I doubt I will use it. Pros: Good construction and fetures Cons: Mount

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Garnett - Add Reply

Setup was easy. Put 500 rounds through my DDm4V3 and held zero. Couldn't ask for more for the price. Pros: Very good for the $$$$ Cons: Needs a little taller mount for ar

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Josiah - Add Reply

This is a good red dot scope for the money. I had to send the 1st one back to Vortex because the windage adjustment knob would only turn in one direction, bad detent. They sent me a brand new Strikefire ASAP. My biggest complaint is there is a faint red line (scattered light) that is visible inside the scope from the 9 to 5 o'clock position. This line was in both the original and replacement scopes. I called Vortex customer service dept and was told this is normal. Pros: Price Cons: Had to send 1st one back to Vortex in the 1st week

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Coty - Add Reply

Mounted on RRA operator 2. Looks great, was almost dead on out of the box. Pros: great deal for the money, very clear optic, bright dot

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Selmer - Add Reply

This scope is pretty sweet! Bought it for my SIG 522. Took about 10min and I was shooting dead on. Held zero all day. I'm impressed. Pros: Looks, quality, price and warranty. Cons: None

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Irving - Add Reply

does it's job, optics good, easy on the wallet. wish the power on button was placed differently so it would get bumped and turn on the scope by accident. Pros: great value Cons: power button location

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Maximilian - Add Reply

works great Pros: good price Cons: red image reflects in housing

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Houston - Add Reply

I did alot of research on the StrikeFire before I bought it. I new of its majot shortcoming(NV mode button placement), which even then was not a big deal. I wisely chose the Red Dot only instead of the Red/Green Dot version. The reason being that the major complaint of the latter was that the dot wasn't bright enough in Red mode. The Red Dot only model didn't have this shortcoming. Overall, A fine tactical sight for the money(and then some). I'm looking forward to adding a magnifier someday. Pros: Easy to set up and use, Great quality and features for the money. Cons: Better placement of the NV(Night Vision)mode button would make it nearly perfect.

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Chandler - Add Reply

this is a good red dot for sport shooting. Holds zero well, seems durable but I would not recommend it for deployment in a hostile enviroment but thats why I have an EOTech. If you're looking for a decent red dot for a good price look no further Pros: light weight, holds zero Cons: covers suck

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Luigi - Add Reply

easy to install Pros: easy in stall

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Xavier - Add Reply

This is the best red dot sight for the money. I have it mounted on my M&P 15-22. It is accurate, holds it's zero, and is very durable. This is the version with the red dot ONLY. The older version with the green and red dot had brightness issues. With this updated version, brightness is great. I have an aimpoint compm3 on my Colt AR, and this is just a bright as the aimpoint which cost 3x more. I highly recommend it for anyone in need of a RDS. I'm not sure if I would go to battle with it since it has not been proven like the aimpoint has, but for an inexpensive sight, it is the best there is hands down. It works great for an AR style .22 like the M&P 15-22, Sig 522, or the Colt M4 .22. It would also go great on a home defense .223 AR. Pros: Brightness, durability, cost Cons: Would have preferred a quick detatchbase

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Carlo - Add Reply

Great scope for the money

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Leif - Add Reply

Good batt life, good optics. Mount could be better Pros: Works great Cons: None

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Gilbert - Add Reply

I bought the sight for my m&p 15. Works great, easy to set up. Really good value for the money. I just wish the dot would be crispier. But for the money I can't really complain. Overall good product that comes with one of the best warranty on the market. Pros: reasonable price Cons: I wish the dot would be crispier.

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Adolfo - Add Reply

I was unable to Zero the scope and have sent it to the manufacturer. Have not recvd it back at this time, will follow up once it it returned and utilized.

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Toby - Add Reply

Was skeptical at first.But after getting it my hands .Felt worlds better about my purchase. Pros: Affordable .Well made.Easy to use. Cons: None as of yet

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Zackery - Add Reply

its a little bright for Iowa but works every time i turn it on, but its not a scope with doubler on it so dont expect that from it. I got a SunOptics red dot first and it broke before I even got to the range, the vortex mount is strong, the flip open caps are hard to close but will keep everything out. I'v used it out to 100yds and am shur that i could hit a coyote at that range. If you have an AR15 and dont want to pay for an Aimpoint this is probly your best bet. OpticsPlanet is esay, fast and gives you a good deal, my order only took 48 hrs to get to my door. Pros: it works Cons: location of on off button

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Wendell - Add Reply

this is the best red dot i have ever had! Pros: clear glass, easy to see red dot, good instructions

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