Spypoint Link-Dark 12 MP Trail Camera

price $399.99

The Spypoint Link-Dark 12MP Trail Camera is an innovative observation tool that will help hunters survey habitats and animal habits so that you can plan the perfect hunt. Spypoint developed these Trail Cameras Game Cameras Hunting Cameras with invisible LED technology that captures game without any visible flash. This Spypoint LINK-DARK LTE Trail Cam sports an industry-leading 0.07-second trigger speed so that you don't miss a moment, and the speedy transition from sleep mode to activation ensures fewer empty pictures. These cams have an 80ft flash range and 100ft detection range to scout out nearby prey with ease and clarity. Plus, the BUCK TRACKER Detection Technology is incredibly useful during deer season. Set up this Spypoint LINK-DARK Cellular Trail Camera to stealthily photograph environments for a fruitful hunt.

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Specifications for Spypoint Link-Dark 12 MP Trail Camera:

Resolution: 12 MP
Memory: SD/SDHC
Color: Camo
Battery Type: AA
Height: 5 in
Width: 3.8 in
Depth/Thickness: 3.2 in
Weight: 1.3 lb
Bulb Type: LED
Battery Quantity: 8

Features of Spypoint Link-Dark 12MP Trail Camera:

  • 12 megapixels
  • 0.07-second trigger speed
  • 80-foot flash range (No-Glow setting)
  • 100-detection range

1-Spypoint Link-Dark 12 MP Trail Camera
2-Spypoint Link-Dark 12 MP Trail Camera
3-Spypoint Link-Dark 12 MP Trail Camera
4-Spypoint Link-Dark 12 MP Trail Camera
5-Spypoint Link-Dark 12 MP Trail Camera
6-Spypoint Link-Dark 12 MP Trail Camera
7-Spypoint Link-Dark 12 MP Trail Camera

  • PROS
  • Set it up and forget it.
  • No false alarms
  • CONS
  • 10 second video delay

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Luis - Add Reply

I have two of solar/cellular cameras and they have been great. I am on top of a mountain on the New Mexico/Colorado border so cell service was questionable. My batteries stay charge all year long with the solar and my photos come every hour. Put them up. Stay away and the animals are not disturbed. They have been working great. I’ve read bad reviews and wonder if they recieved a bad one or if it’s operator error. Mine have been great.

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Judd - Add Reply

These spypoint link-dark cameras are excellent. I've tried nearly every brand of wireless cellular cameras and returned all but these. I have had them in use for 6weeks with excellent results. Do not hesitate to try them. Customer service is great. I had some questions which were answered within minutes on both Saturdays and Sundays through chat. I have not been compensated in any way for this review.

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Ezequiel - Add Reply

I live in a rural area and have a 300’ drive to a secluded area with 2 creeks. I have a Link Dark located 230’ from the road at the driveway where a lot of game cross to access one of the creeks. I capture anything coming down or across the drive. The thermal detection is so much better than motion, never get a false picture or video. My only gripe is the shortest delay for videos is 10 seconds. Many times I get a picture but no video or just a portion of the game captured on the video. Would definitely recommend a Link Dark. My batteries are still at 100% after 3 months.

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