AXTS Bolt Carrier Group for AR15

Get consistent performance out of your AR-15 with the AXTS AR15 Bolt Carrier Group. These Bolt Carrier Groups from AXTS are self-lubricating and precision machined for smooth operation that lasts and easier cleaning. The bolt of the XTS Bolt Carrier AR-15 Group is made of case hardened 9310 steel and the carrier from case hardened 8620 steel. For the greatest accuracy possible, the AXTS Rifle BCG has CNC ground bolt lugs that have been heat treated. Upgrade your rifle with the AXTS Bolt Carrier Group, AR-15.

97.5 /100
  • Design


  • Performance


  • Value for money


  • Feature


1-AXTS Bolt Carrier Group for AR15
2-AXTS Bolt Carrier Group for AR15
3-AXTS Bolt Carrier Group for AR15
4-AXTS Bolt Carrier Group for AR15
5-AXTS Bolt Carrier Group for AR15
6-AXTS Bolt Carrier Group for AR15
7-AXTS Bolt Carrier Group for AR15

  • PROS
  • Very slick Black Nitride coating.
  • Sheds light carbon buildup.
  • Excellent finish
  • properly staked
  • good bolt specs
  • Great finish. Easy clean up.
  • Price point
  • smooth action
  • CONS

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Floyd - Add Reply

I have used AXTS charging handles and Talon safeties with zero complaints. I still covet one of their true ambi lower receivers. So they are a brand I happily recommend and would buy from again. Saw this BCG on discount and couldn't pass up the opportunity. Used it to replace an OEM DPMS BCG for awhile until I got my AR pistol built and now that is where it resides. Several hundred rounds in both the 16" upper and the 11" upper without any issues. There are TONS of great options for BCGs these days which makes it hard to say this is a must have item. But at the very least, it sets the bar for what other BCGs should be. Especially if you run your rifles hard or expect the best out of them at any given moment. -"Mil-Spec"/full auto rated...not a necessary for most of us in slave states but still nice to know it's built to that standard -"Properly" staked gas may be surprised but not all are staked correctly. It matters. -Self lubricating/polished finish...besides just looking good, a quality finish will help your BCG run even when dirty and makes it easier to clean up. That's less maintenance time and more range time. -Shot Peened Bolt...adds durability so you aren't prematurely replacing your bolt -HPT/MPI...Quality Control tests that ensure only the best of the batch go out the door While there are cheaper BCGs, there are very few that are of this quality at a lower price. Never hurts to have a spare BCG lying around so if you find this at a good price, go... Read More...

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Patrick - Add Reply

The people at Radian (AXTS) are really producing some great products. This Bolt and Bolt Carrier Group are no exception. MilSpec BCG with its Black Nitride coating are super smooth and well finished. I've used BCG's from other big names that just didn't have the attention to finishing. Cost was very respectable from Optics planet and the free shipping made the difference from other competitors.

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Conner - Add Reply

AXTS Weapon Systems (now Radian) manufacturers high-quality AR15 products and accessories and this BCG is no different. Features include an excellent nitride finish and quality staking of the gas key. Specs are excellent. Compared to other BCGs I own (Sharps Rifle Company, Black Rifle Arms, Fail Zero, and Young Manufacturing) this is a top-of-the-line product> I bought a second one for another build and recommend this to anyone, especially given the price offered through Optics Planet.

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Jaron - Add Reply

Great product, price, delivery, quality, and customer service. I am very happy with this purchase, and will recommend to anyone looking for this Item. Optics-planet is my new goto store for any merchandise dealing in firearms parts. This is one new Optics Planet Fan.

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Mackenzie - Add Reply

after building my AR 15 I was eager to try it out but I was missing my BCG, so I came across this great product and I am very satisfy with it, I run 100 rounds with no problems at all. The AXTS bolt was a great addition to my weapon.

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Mauricio - Add Reply

Had to get one because they are getting hard to come by. Looks really good cycles well, I have yet to have any issues with it. Shipping time was fair and everything was exactly as described. Good deal

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Federico - Add Reply

Axts makes a good bcg. I have used two and they work well. I did have to return one due to milling issues and it was replaced. When the bcg was released, the price was higher. They are now on sale because of changes with Axts, now Radian. There are many bcgs on the market and at the right price, this one is a good deal. Time will tell on how they last.

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Brant - Add Reply

It works great and is great quality. Price is good. Super fast shipping. I'm using it in a ar pistol build. It cycles great and is heavy duty. I would recommend it to anyone. I plan on another build for a friend, I will be using another one of these for it.

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Steve - Add Reply

Very good finish as expected. Works just as it should. No issues found and none expected. Installed in a BCM upper. I have purchased AXTS products in the past and will continue to do so in the future.

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Norwood - Add Reply

Fired about 400 rounds using this bolt carrier group with out a fail so I'm pretty happy. However the staking does look a little suspect. It appears to be poorly done But I mean for the price it's worth it.

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Heber - Add Reply

This is getting 4 stars until I shoot it. Once I shoot it I will probably give it 5. Great quality bcg! The finish is 5 star! And at $95 you can't go wrong! Thank you OpticsPlanet for the great item at a great price!

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Merl - Add Reply

I've got a few hundreds rounds on my AXTS BCG and it has been flawless for everyone. If your lucky enough to catch this BCG when it's on sale you can't lose. The bolt itself had the MPI proof marks on it and it meets all the requirements that top of the line BCG do. High Pressure Tested, Magnetic Partical Inspected & Shot Peened. The staking is done excellently and the Black Nitride coating on them holds up unlike phosphate finishes. There is no visible wear on it at all. I would absoultly recommend this to anyone who is looking to finish a build or to upgrade their existing AR.

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Frederick - Add Reply

So far so good. Have not had any problems with this BCG. Great price point! I bought 2 of these and have one installed in a slide fire AR config; Runs smooth in full auto slide fire problems at all. We will see how it holds up in the long run, so far have had about 500 rounds through it.

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Lane - Add Reply

Reason i gave 5 stars because i save almost 80$. Bolt carrier i am very happy with action is smooth, finish is great no machine marks even nitrate coat. I changed the firing pin and cam lock to v seven titanium works great.

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