LANTAC Enhanced Straight Pull .223/5.56 Bolt Carrier Group

Our Straight Pull BCG is designed for use in manually operated rifles where no gas system is present.

The Gas Key has been replaced with a piston style guide. The carrier body has been reshaped and reduced in weight and features an oil resevoir access hole together with sprung loaded assisted bolt unlocking. This system is ideal for shooters who want an AR style rifle for hunting in states that prohibit semi auto use or for customers in more restrictive states that limit features on semi auto AR style rifles.

The BCG is designed to function perfectly with our USC (Upper Side Charging) receiver. It works like a bolt action system.

The BCG comes complete with three different handle variants. Knurled Steel, Smooth Steel with Silicone Rubber insert, Neoprene over Steel core. In addition the Straight Pull E-BCG comes complete with a Straight Pull Arm and stubby Side Charging screw in base, so customers get full flexibility from the outset. Handle base threads are 1/4-28TPI and can be tightened in place using an adjustable spanner on the flats provided.

Handles are retained by a special 3/16th Allen head screw.

All components are machined from Stainless Steel and QPQ Nitride finished.

95.25 /100
  • Design


  • Performance


  • Value for money


  • Feature


Features of LANTAC Enhanced Straight Pull .223/5.56 Bolt Carrier Group:

  • Weight 11.7oz (Excluding Handle).
  • Lubrication Point.
  • Balanced flared boss.
  • 8620 Carrier
  • Heat Treated
  • Hard Turned & Ground.
  • MPI Carpenter 158 Bolt
  • Shot Peened
  • Hard Turned / Ground.
  • QPQ Nitride Finish.
  • CP-R360 Domed Cam Pin
  • All Hard Chrome surfaces are to MIL-STD-171
  • Shot Peening is conducted with S110 shot
  • Established by Almen Gage A-2 strip .006 -.008
  • Charging Handle with x3 configurations.
  • Lifetime Warranty.

1-LANTAC Enhanced Straight Pull .223/5.56 Bolt Carrier Group

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Caleb - Add Reply

For those wondering, I think this will work with any AR-15 based caliber. Just change the bolt if needed. I was trying to find another or two for my .300 BO and .50 Beowulf. It now seems that finding a BCG is harder than finding a barrel without a gas port.

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