Spypoint LINK-S Cellular Trail Camera

Price Save Up to 45% from $549.99 to $299.99

Harness the energy of the sun to power your Spypoint LINK-S Cellular Trail Camera, and seamlessly navigate the feed by using your mobile device. These Trail Cameras Game Cameras Hunting Cameras built by Spypoint are also some of the fastest on the market - offering a 0.07 second trigger speed to capture every moment that will lead you to the perfect hunt. With patent pending detection technology, this Spypoint Solar Cellular Trail Camera can detect movement up to 100 feet out so that you know when delicious prey are roaming nearby. This camera uses 42 high-power LEDs combined with infrared capabilities to produce impeccable image quality at night. Plus, the blur reduction technology snaps crystal clear photos even while animals are in motion. After the simple installation and activation, download the free Spypoint app to start receiving photos and managing your camera settings on-the-go with ease. The free plan offers 100 photos a month, but you can upgrade to a premium plan at an additional cost to get unlimited free photos. While the solar panels will power the device, you can also use 8 AA batteries to keep this camera running in low-light conditions or heavily forested areas. Remotely survey animal habitats to properly plan your next thrilling hunt by using the Spypoint LINK-S 12 MP Trail Cam.

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Specifications for Spypoint LINK-S Cellular Trail Camera:

Resolution: 12 MP
Memory: SD/SDHC
Color: Camo
Battery Type: Lithium Rechargeable
Height: 6.9 in
Width: 3.8 in
Depth/Thickness: 3.9 in
Bulb Type: LED
Battery Quantity: 1

Features of Spypoint LINK-S Cellular Trail Camera:

  • Integrated solar panel power (also accepts 8 AA batteries)
  • Receive photos remotely with your phone
  • 2in screen
  • 0.07 second trigger speed
  • 100ft flash range
  • 720p HD video definition
  • 42 high-power LEDs
  • Infrared boost for nighttime
  • Blur reduction technology

1-Spypoint LINK-S Cellular Trail Camera
2-Spypoint LINK-S Cellular Trail Camera
3-Spypoint LINK-S Cellular Trail Camera
4-Spypoint LINK-S Cellular Trail Camera
5-Spypoint LINK-S Cellular Trail Camera

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Edmund - Add Reply

Easy to set up, works great!!! Important tip, make sure you have good even background or camera will adjust to bright areas and that may cause under/over exposure..customer service is excellent at answering questions

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You must be logged in to post a comment.

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