Griffin Armament Enhanced Mil Spec Bolt Carrier Group

Price Save $5.00 from $164.95 to $159.95

Why a BCG from Griffin Armament? The simple answer is that these BCGs are the best we have used in our ten years of military service and over a decade of industry involvement. When you look at a top shelf product you can see its quality. These are the best mil spec pattern there are.

The Griffin BCG combines an 8620 carrier, 9310 Bolt, 4340 cam pin and extractor. All the proper heat treats, the correct shot peen, and the often neglected post heat treated grind are present. In a market filled with cast component BCGs, all components are billet machined and all surfaces receive a finish pass in machining for improved surface smoothness. There are varying degrees of quality in Melonite QPQ finishes. These BCGs went to 4 finishing houses for selection of the finish provider, cost not being a consideration. The result is a deep black finish with remarkable lubricity. These are assembled to the current military technical data package with permatexd and properly staked carrier keys. They also feature the current 15,000 round extractor spring design and a Crane O ring for reliable extraction in extreme conditions. We ran these thousands of rounds in multiple manufacturers rifles throughout the T&E phase without a single malfunction. From first sight through months of use to the final product launch we have remained excited to bring this BCG to market. This is the only BCG that has ever excited us and that is why we have chosen to offer it to the people we care about, our customers.

Many Metallurgists consider AISI 9310 alloy steel as an acceptable bolt material and substitute for Carpenter 158 (Carpenters brand name AISI P6 Spec mold steel). However for the M4 purists we offer our BCG with the optional Carpenter 158 bolt made to current Mil-Spec including phosphate rather than Melonite treatment which comes with the 9310 bolt.

93.5 /100
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Specifications for Griffin Armament Enhanced Mil Spec Bolt Carrier Group:

Finish: Melonite QPQ
Fabric/Material: 4340 Alloy Steel, 9310 Steel, 8620 Alloy Steel
Caliber: 5.56x45mm NATO, .300 AAC Blackout
Gun Make: AR Platform
Included Accessories: Cam Pin and Extractor, Crane O-Ring, Gas Key, Carrier, Bolt
Condition: New

Features of Griffin Armament Enhanced Mil-Spec Bolt Carrier Group:

  • 8620 Carrier.
  • 9310 Bolt MP inspected, High Pressure Tested (Carpenter 158 available).
  • Bolt properly heat treated, shot peened, and post heat treat ground with headspace held to half the blueprint specification.
  • 4340 Cam Pin & Extractor.
  • Finish Pass Machined on all surfaces.
  • Full Billet Construction.
  • Premium Melonite QPQ Finish.
  • Latest 15k round Extractor Spring Design.
  • Crane O-ring for increased extraction reliabilty in extreme conditions.
  • Billet machined gas key, installed with permatex and staked to current TDP.

1-Griffin Armament Enhanced Mil Spec Bolt Carrier Group
2-Griffin Armament Enhanced Mil Spec Bolt Carrier Group

  • PROS
  • quality product
  • functions perfectly
  • Excellent machining and fit
  • slick, durable finish
  • top quality
  • Works fantastic
  • Well constructed
  • will keep buying this for future builds
  • Build quality/materials
  • lives up to the hype
  • Has a griffin on the side
  • Goes bang 100% of the time
  • Quality, dependability
  • Good Quality and Fit
  • Simple/reliable/ease of cleaning
  • Outstanding quality
  • CONS
  • Ejector finish doesn't match
  • A little pricey
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Hal - Add Reply

Very nice finish, this is a good looking bolt carrier group. I can tell this is a quality bcg, I love the Griffin emblem on the side. I have not fired my weapon yet so I cannot comment on its functionality. The price was fair and it looks great. I would recommend this bolt!

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Juvenal - Add Reply

This is a handsome bolt that appears to be well built. I give it 4 stars instead of 5 because the product as it arrived did not look as good as the picture. The finish was not as polished nor the logo as bright as I had anticipated. Normally not an issue but this one was to be installed and photographed. A little polish and some elbow grease brought it closer to the image but not all the way. Functionality is great, fitment perfect. I wouldn't hesitate to buy another if the price were Optics Planet good.

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Camden - Add Reply

Exactly what I was looking for, and am very pleased with the speed it got here and during the holidays as well!! I have zero complaints, the product looks flawless,also well packaged. I am no expert, but I'm far from being a beginner... I've done my research an for the price you just can't beat it. The name brand has tremendous products, with a very great warranty to back up what they offer! I look forward to seeing how well it lasts over the years! Optics Planet had a great deal running during Christmas to were the bolt was below normal asking price, again I am fortunate that I had caight this offer!!

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Ulises - Add Reply

I have two of these BCGs, both installed in DCM type rifles for service rifle competition. The function, fit and finish of these BCGs is excellent. I was initially worried about the durability of the Melonite QPQ finish, but this has proved unfounded, as both BCGs have about 1,500 rounds on them and their is barely any wear on them, even in typically high-wear areas. The finish also stays slick longer and with less oil than phosphate finishes. I have since bought other GA products based on my experience with these BCGs and all have been of excellent quality.

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Wiley - Add Reply

This is the best complete BGC you can get for the price. Priced as a mid-level but performs as a high-end. I have at 500 rounds through this and it is an absolute beast. No issues and nothing but great reliable feeding. This will now be my go to BCg for all my builds. Griffin Armament all the way.

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Pete - Add Reply

Very high quality item. You can tell they took pride in building this, unlike any piece of shite you get from China. Very smooth , quite action. I would definitely recommend this BCG to anyone trying to build a new AR.

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Zander - Add Reply

The Griffin Armament Enhanced Mil Spec Bolt Carrier Group is a well-built and high quality BCG. I currently have this installed on a .300 AR pistol and it has functioned well since it was received. To date, I have not experienced any issues with this bolt carrier group.

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Dimitri - Add Reply

It works great right out of the box. It was already oiled and ready to go, I checked just to see the parts anyway. I believe it will take a pounding without early ware unlike my original bcg. Anyone looking for a replacement should grab especially if it's on sale like it was for me. Would buy it again for sure. 5 stars!

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Amani - Add Reply

- Received this bcg in the mail and from the looks of it what Griffin makes is very well built. The logo is well seen making a nice nod to the company. Has a nice sheen to it and lubes up rather well - as easy to clean as any other nitrite or nickel boron coated product - Glad to spend a little extra on something well built - I guess the test of time will be the true judge!

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Arnold - Add Reply

Love Griffins gear! Would highly recommend any of their products and I’ll be using another one of these very soon as they work for both 5.56 and 300 Blk out. Check them out what else do you have to loose!!

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Clint - Add Reply

Cycles very nicely! Beautiful machine works! Nice coating makes it go very smoothly. Fast shipping. Seems to be hard to find anywhere else but stocked in here. I love Griffin Armament. I have their no fail offset iron sights and ambidextrous charging handle with supressor relief port. Thank you very much!

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Arvid - Add Reply

Extremely satisfied with the product I received, and so far is running strong. I personally love the lubricity and finish of it, as well as the Griffin logo. Looking inside and out I found no machining marks or blemishes.

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Taurean - Add Reply

I bought this bcg to use in a 6.5 Grendel build with a larger 6.5 Grendel size bolt. It runs as well as it looks. I've had good luck with the Griffin stuff - like everyone else. Try it out, you'll be happy you did.

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Cole - Add Reply

The product arrived as it was described. A great drop in bolt carrier group. As expected it came completely assembled and ready to drop in. It looks nice as well. I'm sure it will serve its intended purpose.

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Luciano - Add Reply

The Griffin Armament EBCG is unmatched in quality and precision. You really can’t beat it for the price. I am extremely particular about the parts I use and I have searched high and low for good BCG’s and this one definitely makes the cut!

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Candido - Add Reply

Functions flawlessly. BCG coating is durable and I anticipate it will remain operational for my range shooting outings. I will buy this bolt as a replacement for any other rifle I may have in the future. I would recommend this BCG to any one looking for a solid replacement part.

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Travis - Add Reply

This a high quality machined BCG and wouldn’t expect anything less from Griffin. The fit and finish are up there with the big names. This is my 3rd purchase from them and everything is top shelf so don’t hesitate to buy from these guys.

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Willy - Add Reply

We have the same name and that is neat! Really quality bcg you can rely on and that goes without saying, I think, for all of Griffin Armament products. Love my M2 sights, super cool they come with 45 degree offsets. These guys know what they're doing.

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Hilbert - Add Reply

I’m very happy with this BCG and the way it marries up with my M4E1! You’re not going to find a better product for the money! I have not run it suppressed yet because I’m still waiting on NFA approval but I am very sure that it will preform perfectly! I will be purchasing another for my next build, soon!

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Xander - Add Reply

The Bolt was very clean and better than what I’m used too. I especially love the griffin logo on the bolt itself. Received it in a black shipping box which made it seem even of better quality. So excited to put the bolt carrier group to work very soon.

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Haskell - Add Reply

First!! Aside from the product itself Optics Planet delivered excellent service again����. This Griffin Armament EBCG has exceptional machining quality, finish and performance is top notch. I have ran these in other carbines with no malfunctions at all, this purchase is going into 10.5" pistol build. Griffin Armament makes extremely well thought out and performance minded products!! You cant go wrong with this BCG!!!!

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Jaden - Add Reply

Got this Griffin Enhanced BCG and put it in my BCM, you first notice the deep black coating is perfectly smooth just like a NIB coating but not as flashy. I took it out to the range to try it out and it worked great. I forgot my Weapon Shield Lubricant and it ran fine, after a few hundred round I took the bolt out and wiped it down and all the carbon came off with with relative ease. Highly Recommend!!

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Loyal - Add Reply

Runs good and price is good for a quality bolt carrier group I'm running in a sbr 5.56 10.5 barrel works good two hundred characters is alot for a review not sure how many this is yet says 4807 left that would be a in-depth review

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Jerald - Add Reply

This is a good quality bolt carrier group for the price. It has a good coating and operates smoothly when working the bolt in hand. The BCG also operates smoothly and installed without issue in the gun. I have purchased more expensive BCG's and this runs as good as they do in the gun.

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Louie - Add Reply

I'm a master armorer/combat veteran/owner of multiple(including optimus-9 by Griffin)supressor owner/shooter/former comparative shooter/& I'm sure I'm leaving a few things out... I've tried alot of various products, & in 99% of cases I dont actually pay for them because of who I work for as well as my "recommendation" being what an arms/weapons accessory maker is after upon my full T&E of a given weapon/platform/system/etc... That said, I payed full blown retail for this BCG, because unlike an item I've tried for the 1st time, I was not reviewing it professionally. Rather I was looking for a reliable BCG that I'd be able to trust my life to, & a "military-contractor" friend/colleague of mine lent me his & told me very good things regarding the coating, reliability, ease & speed of cleaning, etc... So, long-story-short, I've bern using 1 on my "AR15", a full auto LE-demo gun we use @ work to convert m-4/dmr/m-16 types of platforms for LE/Military/Dept of state/as well as a few other "agencies" as well. I've bought my 2nd personal BCG from this manufacturer, & plan on buying 1 or 2 more over the next 6 months!

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Cody - Add Reply

This BCG is a piece of art! Outstanding quality and craftsmanship! The fit and finish is better than any BCG I've ever seen. It works flawlessly in my build, not one malfunction out of hundreds of rounds! I will be purchasing more of these for all future builds. Great product! Don't hesitate to buy it!

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Muhammad - Add Reply

This carrier is built very well. Excellent finish. However the pictures are a bit misleading on the finish. It looks kind of like a black chrome in the pictures, but it is just black. Which is not a huge deal. It’s still pretty slick. Good gas key staking. I haven’t had any function issues. It cycles fine with no malfunctions so far. Also maybe 15-20% overpriced. So for 15-20% less I would have given 5 stars.

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