ODIN Works Bolt Carrier

Price Save 21% from $154.49 to $122.55

Bolt Carrier Group fits AR15/M4 compatible style Rifles (i.e.) .223/5.56mm, .300 Blackout

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Specifications for ODIN Works Bolt Carrier:

Color: Black
Gun Model: M4, AR-15

Features of ODIN Works Bolt Carrier:

  • Mil-Spec dimentions
  • Bolt Carrier Group Material: Case Hardened 8620
  • Steel Finish: Black Nitride.
  • This advanced low friction coating minimizes the need for lubricants.
  • Gas Key: 4130 Steel attached with Grade 8 hardware and properly staked into a milled valley to ensure proper positioning.
  • Cam Pin: Hardened 4340 cam pin
  • Firing Pin: Mil Spec firing pin made of 8740 steel
  • center-less ground and Hard Chrome coated
  • Bolt Assembly: The Bolt is true Mil Spec dimension and external surfaces are CNC ground after heat treat for a precision fit.
  • Bolt Material: Case Hardened 9310 Steel.
  • Finish: All Bolt components Black Nitride
  • Extractor: 4340 Steel Mil Spec
  • Extractor Spring & O-Ring Combination
  • MPI: Magnetic Particle Inspected
  • HPT: High Pressure Test

1-ODIN Works Bolt Carrier

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Nicola - Add Reply

I say its outstanding because it is just what it says it is and does exactly whats its supposed to do, coming in at a low, low price with the only thing perhaps not "mil-spec" is the, IMO, superior nitride coating and the decision not to shot peen. Full specs below from the Odin Works website. I have had no problems with my carrier at all. Seems to work just excellent. Nitride may not be as slick as perhaps Nickel Boron, but is slick enough. It's pretty slick. It cleans way easier than the standard bolts, in say, an MP15. The only thing you may not like is the staking is not overly aggressive, which they do on purpose, but may give some of you guys who know a lot more about AR's than me heartburn. I did speak with and email a rep and ask him whether the staking was standard for them, and he confirmed that it was and that it is intentional. Since that is how they chose to do, it i've kept it. I figured they would rather replace the BCG than get the negativity associated with having a product fail in action. There's nothing else to say. It works, it cleans easy, no ftf's, no fte's. Oh, it came in a cool plastic cylinder tube thingy when i bought it from optics planet. I did buy one from primary arms when they were having some memorial day blowout, but sent it back because i wanted to try the fail zero bolt, which is equally non-aggresively staked, but also seems to work just fine. People say things from odin works are not super cheap, but this thing is $129 on their site, not ... Read More...

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Dameon - Add Reply

A very nice product. Odin Works (OW) have a great reputation for producing quality components for your AR build and this one doesn't disappoint. I bought the .223 bolt carrier and am going to swap out the bolt for the 6.5 Grendel bolt I got with my Shilen barrel. I will keep the OW bolt as an extra .223 bolt. It is a quality part worth keeping.

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London - Add Reply

This is a well built BCG. The fit and finish is absolutely high-end, and Odin Works has a really outstanding customer support. The nitrite finish does reduce the cleaning required after a long day of shooting. I've had zero issues so far, and the BCG has held up very well.

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Solon - Add Reply

I have not got to the rang to try it yet but as far as fit and finish it looks 100% perfect. Every time i purchase anything from Odin Works you can tell they take there time and do it wright you will i would be surprised if i ever got antthing less than perfect with there name on it. It got here quick service was great.

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