RISE Armament AR-15 Bolt Carrier Group

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The RISE Armament Rifle Bolt-Carrier Group ensures the highest level of performance out of your favorite rifle. These Bolt Carrier Groups by RISE Armament reduce friction and increase the smoothness of each shot with high quality steel parts, a heat treated carrier, and a grade 8 hardened gas key. The RISE Armament AR-15/M-16 BCG is individually MPI tested for quality so you can be confident you're getting overall improved performance. Choose the RISE Armament Advanced Bolt Carrier Group for a great new addition to your rifle.

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Specifications for RISE Armament AR-15 Bolt Carrier Group:

Caliber: 5.56x45mm NATO, .223 Remington
Gun Model: M16, AR-15

Features of RISE Armament Rifle Bolt-Carrier Group, 2AL-BCG-RABCG:

  • Individually MPI tested
  • Bolt: 9310 MPI tested
  • Carrier: 8620 tool steel heat treated and case hardened
  • Gas key: tool steel - grade 8 hardened fasteners and staked properly
  • Cam pin: 4140 steel
  • Extractor: tool steel - shot peened

1-RISE Armament AR-15 Bolt Carrier Group
2-RISE Armament AR-15 Bolt Carrier Group
3-RISE Armament AR-15 Bolt Carrier Group
4-RISE Armament AR-15 Bolt Carrier Group

  • PROS
  • Fit, finish, durable
  • Great Fit & Smooth Action
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Hudson - Add Reply

Worked flawlessly in my snw mp sport 2. Didn’t even need to check headspace. Great fit and finish, good steaking on the gas key and easy to clean. No problems after about 1000 rounds almost no visable wear

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Clair - Add Reply

Haven't been able to put any rounds down range with this, yet, but here's my initial thoughts: Craftsmanship and finish are great. Properly staked bolts. Felt like it cycled in my rifle more smoothly than my BCM (probably due to finish) Really impressed; can't wait to complete the build that this is intended for. Will update my review after using.

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Elian - Add Reply

Nickel Boron is the way to go with direct impingement, especially with the quality of Rise Armament. I use real butter to lube my rifle so it smells great after a few rounds. Blaaa blaaa “200 words or more are needed to submit a review”. Optics Planet is always exceptional, fast shipping and great prices

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Jerald - Add Reply

I can't say enough about the Quality and Perfection of RISE Armament products and this recent purchase of mine was only one of them. I highly recommend all of your serious AR owners replace some of your possibly basic standard parts with a possibly superior RISE Armament product as soon as you have some spare change.

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Agustin - Add Reply

The finish on the BCG is slick. I built my rifle and took it out to my shooting area for a test. It turned out my lube was not in my kit. I decided to run it anyway. Ran like a top with no malfunctions.

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Domenic - Add Reply

Haven’t shot with it yet, but the quality of the bolt is very well built and staked properly. Nib is very slick to the touch. I was actually very impressed with quality and build. Can’t wait to use on the range

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Stephon - Add Reply

Top quality BCG very satisfied with the quality and price. I highly suggest rise armament for your next build. I'm very happy with optics planet they had everything I needed to finish my build and a great price.

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Tristian - Add Reply

Excellent product. Everything that it states online corresponds with what I received. It is very smooth and makes my AR more reliable. I also have the Rise Armanent Trigger to go along with this great item. Optics Planet was accurate with not having it for 5 days and when they recieved it, they shipped to me immediately. I cant think if a better place to save money on name brand parts and have it immediately. Love this place!

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