Sportlock LeatherLock Take Down Shotgun Case

Sportlock LeatherLock Take Down Shotgun Case 00039 enables you to carry your shotgun safely and in classic style! The Sportlock Leather Shotgun Carrying Case gives you an expensive look at an affordable price. The Sportlock Take Down Shotgun Case is a breakdown shotgun case featuring heavier duty brass finished keyed locks, and reinforced edges and corners with a simulated leather finish. On the inside, the Sportlock Gun Case features a plush foam interior to protect your shotgun against scratching. The SportLock Take Down Shotgun Case includes three latches, two of which have keyed locks. The Leather-Lock gun case series from SportLock is entirely Airline Approved. Transport your shotgun securely with this locking gun case.

Quality Sportlock Gun Storage cases are on sale now! You can buy Sportlock Cases here at competitive and reasonable prices. SportLock makes a big selection of Shotgun Cases and other gun storage products to carry guns and to keep your valuable gear secure. SportLock offers hard shotgun cases including Take Down Shotgun Cases and other shotgun gun cases in a variety of sizes, compositions, and prices to fit your needs. A Sport Lock case provides secure storage and easy access to your guns and shooting accessories. No matter what kind of weapon you need to carry or transport, SportLock lets you do it securely, safely and discretely.

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Specifications for Sport-Lock LeatherLock Leather Takedown Shotgun Shooting Case:

Exterior dimensions: 9.5in x 36.0in x 4.4in
Empty weight: 10 lbs
Capacity: 1 Shotgun (disassembled) with accessories
Interior dimensions: 8in x 34.4in x 2.0in

Features of Sportlock LeatherLock Take-Down Case:

  • Fully lined interior for increased scratch protection
  • Brass finish key locks
  • Strong, comfortable handles
  • Heavy duty hinges
  • Plush foam interior will hold a 32" barrel with extended choke tubes
  • Compartment to store chocke tubes, shooting accessories, tools, and cleaning supplies
  • Three brass finish latches - two with keyed locks
  • Velcro tie down straps to secure marrels and receiver
  • Heavy duty brass finish hinges
  • Faux leather exterior finish

1-Sportlock LeatherLock Take Down Shotgun Case
2-Sportlock LeatherLock Take Down Shotgun Case
3-Sportlock LeatherLock Take Down Shotgun Case
4-Sportlock LeatherLock Take Down Shotgun Case
5-Sportlock LeatherLock Take Down Shotgun Case
6-Sportlock LeatherLock Take Down Shotgun Case
7-Sportlock LeatherLock Take Down Shotgun Case
8-Sportlock LeatherLock Take Down Shotgun Case
9-Sportlock LeatherLock Take Down Shotgun Case

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Ludwig - Add Reply

I own a Case from the big C outdoor store it is not as good as this one. I bought and returned the spendy Benelli case from the same store before I bought this. I own a 692 30" and this case holds all the factory supplied stuff, choke box, tool box, snap caps, lube and more. Perfect, and better than the two you can get from big "C". Locks are kinda cheesy, but then they all are. Well made case, great price. I should have ordered two.

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Elliot - Add Reply

Birch wood Casey has always provided great products at a great price. This is my second Sportlock case and it is simply the best value for the price, as a matter of fact the case compares with products two and three times the price........

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Ola - Add Reply

Tight fitting case to protect your valuable shotguns. Well padded. Locks up tight. Good customer service and prompt shipment. This is a great value and it has a compartment to handle choke tubes, grease, and the forearm of the shotgun.

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